10 thoughts on “Reader’s Theatre: Divergent, Period 6

  1. I thought you did a great job the part of the book you did was a great part of the book, you also you different tones that made it way more better and interesting.

  2. Good job on the performance. I could tell that each of you practiced your script a couple of times before this performance. Next time try to make more eye contact with the audience during the performance instead of looking down at your paper. Overall you guys did a good job.

  3. Really good performance! I can tell u Gus rehearsed the script next time try to make more eye contact. But anyway, nice job really good performance.

  4. I thought you all did a great job. The whole thing was very well done and i can tell that you put some time into this. I have not read the divergent series yet. but i am now thinking about giving them a try.

  5. I really liked how you changed hats to make it more clear who you were playing. Try to make more eye contact, but your voices were heard clearly!

  6. Good job! You could tell that you guys rehearsed the script and put effort in the changing of your tones. I loved your choice of props.

  7. I think you did a good job with the scene you performed. Especially Jake having to switch parts. I liked how he made it obvious on what part he was preforming with the hats and hood and how your tones changed with the dialogue. One thing I would change is splitting up the roles better so one person doesn’t have to change the role every other line.

  8. I really liked watching your book trailer! You all had a very appropriate tone for the scene and it was clear that you had learned your lines.

  9. Dear group,

    Nice job on the reader’s theater. The introduction introduced your book well and made it interesting, and the hats were a great prop to make your presentation more clear. I am definitely interested in reading this book after watching this trailer. Good job.

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