Free Write Friday #1-My Most Valuable Talent

Throughout my life I haven’t really been good at many things, maybe because of all the restriction, or the environment I lived in back in New York. I

was good at math, I was good at running, but I never really valued those, but throughout my whole life I have been great at drawing. I have been able

to draw in many styles, but my personal favorite was black and grey, but I was never really all that exciting and drawing never really seemed to help

with making friends (or at least i thought so for a while). I have been able to help people with art, especially since New York was a place of art, and

sometimes students asked me to draw them, but I wasn’t getting much credit for it and sometimes I grew a bit lonely, but then I realized that it was

the art that truly mattered. When I was about to move to Connecticut I was drawing in my old school’s recess yard and I was drawing an anime

character from my favorite show attack on titan in my folder but I started getting a bit frustrated with how the picture was coming out. Out of the

blue two people a boy and a girl asked if I needed any help, and normally I would reject help but I realized everyone needs help at some point. I lent

them my pencil and folder and they completed the anime in no time and I was amazed on how it came out. After that I would meet up with them

after school and draw with them and come up with new characters every day. I guess I was wrong about art not making friends but I then improved

on my talent and began giving away pictures. Within the last few months I had in New York I would always spend it with the two kids after school

and drawing and then giving away and I became much more popular. I have found something that I value and something that I would never give up

, and it isn’t just art, it is also my two friends, I will always remember them as the first people to accept me for who i am, and the people who I could

understand with my own drawing ability.

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1 thought on “Free Write Friday #1-My Most Valuable Talent

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kieran. I can think of at least two other people who’d be happy to collaborate and/or discuss anime drawing in your grade; one likes to provide commentary for chess matches, and the other was new to this school like you this year.

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