Erik’s Letter essay #3: [Book Title]

Erik Wojenski



The invention of Hugo Cabret is a realistic fiction book written by Brian Selznick and is 550 pages. The reason i read this book was because I knew it had a lot of pictures in it and it had a lot of pages so i knew i would be able to read it fast

This book is about a young boy named Hugo Cabret his father has died in a fire and he went to live with his uncle in the train station and work on the clocks. Hugo one day gets his book taken away when he gets caught by the toy maker he comes back everyday to work for the toy maker to get his book back because he has instructions on how to fix his mechanical man that he found in the rubble of the fire that killed his father. Hugo eventually fixes his mechanical man without the book while gaining a close relationship with his new friend Isabelle. The mechanical man draws a picture with the toymakers name on it. This paper unlocks some truth and secrets about something Hugo doesn’t expect.

This was a good and interesting book I had watched the movie before but forgot what the movie was like. This book was better than I expected and I love how there are so many pictures it lets the reader better understand what is happening in the book. There was a really good quoted passage in this book it was (From the very first moment his father had told him about it, the mechanical man had become the center of Hugo’s life)(155) This quote is part of the whole book because the mechanical man is what creates this story. I rate this book a 7/10

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1 thought on “Erik’s Letter essay #3: [Book Title]

  1. Erik,
    Your letter-essay contains an Introduction with a brief amount of information about the book and the author and it also contains a clear summary with an appropriate amount of detail. However, the Reflection is missing several key parts.
    Mr. Jockers

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