2 thoughts on “Exploring Relations in “The Wednesday Wars”

  1. Dear Emily,
    I really enjoyed your video. I liked how your summary was descriptive, which made sure the reader understanded it. Great job!

    Amelia Wasco

  2. Dear Emily,
    I like the way that you put the information out, because one piece of information would lead to the next making it understandable. I like how you give the listener some sort of a summary without giving the book away, you left it so that you didn’t give away the adventures that Holling Hoodhood and Mrs. Bakes had together. Think about what other information you could possibly add. This could involve more quotes to back up your evidence. For example how did Mrs. bakes get through that depressing time? Did Holling help cheer her up? Did the other classmates help out? This could make this just all the better if you add a little more information.
    Mia Larkin

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