FFFW#5: Max G.


It was Monday December 5th the day after my birthday. I was so excited, but not for long the Jets are on MNF against the Indianapolis Colts. I couldn’t wait for the day of school to fly by and to go to the Jets game even though they stink this year. I was so relieved when I got home from school that I can go have fun with my dad and uncle and go see the greatest game of all time- Football. Our family has a had Jets season tickets for 65 years. Thats a long time. Finally we got to the Stadium and tailgated. We had all the good food. We wrapped up our tailgate and went into the stadium to watch the Jets go suffer. The Jets got the ball to start the game and of course typical Jets Ryan Fitzpatrick almost threw an interception and the Jets went 3 and out. The Jets punted and later that drive the Colts easily scored that was basically the whole game. Metlife Stadium hold 82,000 people at the end of halftime there were probably 40,000 people there and most of them were Colts fans. The final score was 41-10 colts. The best part of the game was the 2 guys running on the field and the police officer crushing them and making the best tackles ever. Also before the game the NYPD first responders drove their motorcycles on the field, that was really kool. I had a great time even though the jets suck and I can’t believe I have to sit through misery 2 more times.

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