Kayleigh’s Letter-Essay #4: The Fault In Our Stars

Dear peers,
I just recently finished reading the book The Fault In Our Stars a 313 page realistic Fiction story. The author of this story, John Michael Green, is an American author, vlogger, writer, producer, actor and editor. He won the 2006 Printz Award for his debut novel, Looking for Alaska, and his sixth novel, The Fault in Our Stars. I chose to read this book because I had seen the movie before and have heard good comments about the book. I also read this book because I love the genres that are included, romance, realistic fiction, and adventure. This book The Fault In Our Stars is about a young girl named Hazel who was diagnosed with lung cancer. She has a tumor in her lungs and has to carry around a oxygen tank. The doctors said that she would not have a lot of time left before she passes away. But when a cute boy named Augustus Waters shows up at one of her Cancer Kid Support Group, everything changes for her. Augustus gives her hope, something that she had lost long ago. The author included lots of detail in the climax of the story when Augustus dies and using the emotion from both characters. I wish that the author would include even more emotion in this book because it was emotional as it is but I feel like if there was just a little bit more then it would make the book 100 times better. I didn’t agree with the author’s point of view of the characters in school. I don’t think that they were developed enough in this story. I do not think that they were realistic characters. Their description was not realistic nor there dialogue. This passage takes place right after Augustus died when Hazel is mourning her loss. “The only person I wanted to talk about Augustus Waters death was Augustus Waters. My parents stayed in my room forever until it was morning and dad said, “Do you want to be alone?”, and I nodded and mom said, “We’ll be right outside the door”, me thinking, I don’t doubt that.” -page 262. I liked the wording that the author used in this book. I loved the emotion and how it made me (the reader) feel. The conversation between the parents and Hazel felt real as if I was there witnessing the whole thing. I could feel how sad Hazel felt. I rate this book a 9 out of 10. I recommend this book for anyone who likes romance, and drama, and a never ending story.

-Kayleigh Riccio

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18 thoughts on “Kayleigh’s Letter-Essay #4: The Fault In Our Stars

  1. Dear Kayleigh,
    Over all I really liked your letter essay! I love how you have a lot of personal thinking and quotes.

  2. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay! I have already read The Fault in Our Stars and I thought that everything you said was accurate. I learned a lot more about the book from this letter essay. Overall, I thought it was really good!

  3. Dear Kayleigh,
    I though that your letter essay was very good! It had a lot of detail and especially had a lot of quotes:) Good job!!
    Mia Prizio

  4. Dear Kayleigh,
    I recently read the Fault in Our Stars, and I think that your letter essay captured the main idea and importance of this novel. It was interesting to read about how someone else felt about this book; their point of view. Great job on your summary also!

  5. Dear Kayleigh,
    Overall I think you did a really good job on your letter essay! I agree with what you think about how the author should add more emotion in the book. The summary you wrote was great! I liked your recommendation at the end.

    -Emily W

  6. Kayleigh,
    I read The Fault In Our Stars too and I think you portrayed the book really well. Your summary was descriptive without giving away the ending. I agree with you, the author could have added more emotion in Hazel’s perspective. Good job.

  7. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. I liked how every time you brought up a point you backed it up with evidence like a quote. I also liked how you showed your own opinion in your piece, it makes the writing really good.

    -Olivia C.

  8. Dear Kayleigh,

    Your letter essay was great, it was very descriptive, and very well-written. I have read this book and I thought that the way that you summarized the book was perfect, your summary was very descriptive but it did not give away the ending. I also liked that you recommended the book. Great Job!

    -Isabel Llach

  9. Dear Kayleigh,

    Your letter essay was very detailed and interesting to read. Even thought I already watched the movie, you’re letter essay makes me want to read the book. I also liked how you added your opinion in when it was needed. Great letter essay!

    -Callie Standen

  10. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really liked your letter essay and thought it was really descriptive and well written. I especially like your summery because it told us enough to get interested but it didn’t give away the ending
    -Emma corazzelli

  11. Dear Kayleigh,
    Great letter essay! I thought that your summary was very detailed and really gave the reader a solid understanding of the plot. One thing that would make this letter essay even better would be if you elaborated more on what you thought that the author should have done differently. Some text evidence could have enhanced it further. Overall great job!


  12. Kayleigh,

    I am reading this book at the moment, and I agree with you. The author could have added more emotion to Hazel, but overall, it is a really good book so far. I really like how you gave a clear and concise summary, and explained your evidence well. Good Job!

    Maya Gustavson

  13. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay! I especially liked all the information you put into your introduction and how much information you included about the author! I also have seen the movie and have always heard that the books are better then the movie so I think I might try reading it! In addition, from what I read it sounds like the type of book I would be interested in! Overall good job and thank you for sharing!

    – Amelia Burrell

  14. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. It was very informational when it came to the author and book background information. You also had many good quotes that supported your thinking. Good Job!

  15. Kayleigh

    I really like your letter essay! Your quotes are very good and I can tell how much effort you prescribed into this assignment.


  16. Dear Kayleigh,

    I never read the fault in our stars but I heard it’s a really good book. I’ve watched the movie though and it’s the only movie I’ve ever watched and cried lol. I really liked how you described the book and the information you gave about the book. I also really like the quote you put in the book and how you cited that quote.

    -Jack G

  17. Dear Kayleigh
    This was a very specific post and you had all the details of the book in your post good job

    -Erik W

  18. Dear Kayleigh,
    I really liked how you gave a ton of detail and I can tell you put a lot of effort into writing this. You did a good job of not giving away too much of the story. Your essay was very well done.

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