BJ’s Prepositional Phase Poem

The time I flew across the country for a hockey game

Before I boarded the plane to Colorado, I was nervous
Considering I have only flown across the country once
Upon sitting down and unloading my iPad to play,
Within a few minutes in the air I calmed down
After landing I noticed the mountains and thought those are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen
As the day progress I kept getting more and more excited for the hockey game
Following the Three and half hours we spent in the hotel it was finally time for the game
Among the crowds of others that couldn’t wait to get in
Within minutes we got to our seats
Despite waiting a few more minutes the game became
Without a doubt this was the most exciting event I’ve ever been to
Unlike most hockey events this game was play outside
By the end of the second period the Red Wings were up 3-1
During the intermission Andy Grammer performed
Near the end of the game the Colorado Avalanche scored 1 goal
But it wasn’t enough to beat the Red wings
Inside the hotel I closed my eyes one more time to remember how awesome this event was compared to others

We won.

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1 thought on “BJ’s Prepositional Phase Poem

  1. You put a lot of effort into this, B.J. You have prepositional phrases in here, but most of your lines are, in fact, sentences. For example: “During the intermission Andy Grammer performed.” In that line, “during the intermission” is a prepositional phrase; while “Andy Grammar performed” is a subject and predicate. See how many of your lines in this poem are, in fact, clauses (sentences) and not clauses. It would be a good review before the Grammar Test.

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