Derek W. Memoir

The Fields

Once upon a warm fall afternoon, I was impatiently waiting for my bus to stop at my road. Earlier in the day my friends and I had arranged to go play soccer at “the fields” as we like to call it. We had just set the time back the night before, so we had an extra hour to play which was awesome. However, there was just one thing wrong- I had homework. Lots of it. I was heartbroken when I opened up my binder to find a homework assignment in every single class I’m in. I had no idea how I would be able to get it done before we went to the fields.
“Maybe I should have done it in school when I had the chance” I thought to myself. Which is definitely what I should have done. It was 3:20 and we were supposed to go at 3:45. I had just enough time to get ready and go, and that was it. Overthinking, I leave the house to get to the fields.
“It will just have to wait until later…” I thought to myself, “It shouldn’t be too much to do.”
(With excitement, I arrive to the fields and take my soccer ball out of my bag….)
We had been driven there in a beast of a car. An early 2000’s gold minivan driven by none other than the legend herself, Sue DiScipio. She is always so willing to drive us, and I thank her every time i exit her minivan. One time, we had arranged to go to the fields at 10:30, and of course she drove, but I was in such a rush because I woke up at 10:15. I accidentally got my drawstring bag stuck in the latch on her trunk, and she had to cut it out. I felt so bad. Mrs. DiScipio, if you’re reading this, once again, I am so very sorry.
Back to the story, we had just arrived, the four of us, and we ran up the hill, not wasting any minute of our time. I usually don’t go with my cleats on, for the fear of the studs on the bottom wearing out, but this time I did, because like I said I didn’t want to waste any minute of my time. Every time we arrive, we start off by stretching, so we don’t injure ourselves while we are running around on the pitch. After I had finished my pre-stretches, I dropped my ball on the ground and kicked it out to the 18 yard box, for was going to take some free kicks, whilst John was in goal, on the ready to save whatever came towards his territory, as me, and my two other buddies, shot to see who could score the most out of 10 shots, and like usual I lost. But it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about whether you had fun or not… and I did not have very much fun, but that’s besides the point, because I was just challenged to a one versus one dual against my fellow companion, Thomas. We ran out toward the top of the box, as we awaited John to finish drinking his water, for he was the one that needs to punt the ball out, so we can get the game started.

Midway through our 1v1 session, that I was winning, obviously, I started feeling a little guilty. I was not feeling guilty because I was destroying Tommy, but I was feeling guilty because I had lied my way to get here, and I was not proud of that. I started to worry. Worry that my parents would find out that I had lied to them. That I didn’t really finish my homework, that I hadn’t even touched it actually. I could stand this feeling no longer. I tried to get my mind off of it, but it did not call for a fun time at the fields like I was expecting, It actually ruined it for me.
Before I knew it it was already almost pitch dark outside. Ha, get it, see what I did there. Anyways, I packed up my bad as Tommy called his mother requesting that we be picked up soon. Of course, she said ok, being the lovely woman that she is. We sat and talked for the five minutes it takes to drive to the fields, and we knew when she arrived, for you couldn’t miss her shiny band-aid colored car any time of the day, whether the sky was clear, or it was the middle of the night.
When we arrived at my house, I ran up the driveway, to the front door, waiting for my dad to be standing there, with a look of disappointment, but no he wasn’t. I slid off my cleats, and walked up the stairs, to be greeted by him and my mother, watching television, as I thought to myself, “This is odd.” The only words that came out of their mouth, was “Hey, how was it,” and I replied with simply just “good,” and ran to my room to do my homework.
Now even though I didn’t get scolded for not doing my homework, I did not want to feel that kind of guilt, ever again, and so I said to myself, “Wow, I am never going to do that again.”

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your memoir! I understand how you can feel guilty about that! I’ve done the same thing. You did a wonderful job conveying the overall tone. And I loved the pun! Keep up the great work!!

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