Memoir- Lambo

John Lambo

Mr Jockers

Period 2 ILA

Feb, 10 2017


“She’s having puppies”


“I’m going to go check on Ginger” my brother Matt had said.

Our dog Ginger had been pregnant for quite some time now and would be having baby puppies anytime soon. She is a golden retriever and she looks like one of the cutest golden retrievers ever in my opinion. We got Ginger for Christmas a while back in 2006. As Matt was checking, I honestly was not expecting anything to happen just because of the anticipation I’ve been dealing with of something to happen.

“She’s having puppies!!” I heard a loud scream come from the bathroom.

“MOM MOM MOM MOM” I kept hearing.

Listening to all of this commotion going on got me excited.

“What??” My Mom screamed along with asking Matt if he was pulling a joke on her.

My Mom and Matt ran into the bathroom. Curious to see what was happening, I tagged along with them. The three of us got into the bathroom and saw Ginger.

“Oh my gosh!” I yelled with excitement.

I can remember the scenery at that moment. I saw Ginger laying down, with a puppy being born. I was able to smell the atrocious cent of wet dog. I heard squealing from the new born puppy and the excitement from my brother and mother in the bathroom.

“Matthew call Daddy right now and tell him to come home.” my mom yelled. Along with calling my dad, my mom dialed a whole lot of neighbors. She must have thought that this moment was pretty big.

Immediately after seeing the first puppy being born, I really did not think it was that gross at all. The cent was not very pleasant but overall I did not mind it. my mom said, “We are keeping this one ad naming it Sage!” I loved it when I heard my mother say that. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to have a brand new puppy in the family. Later, there were knocks on the door, one after the other. Before you knew it, the whole neighborhood was crammed in that little bathroom spectating all of the puppies being born.

“I am so happy right now I can break the Wii console and the game and I would not even care” Matt said to me. I wondered if he was just saying that or if he was actually serious.

But my family has wanted another puppy for a while, I was just so joyful that we finally got another pet.

I noticed after awhile of people swarming and puppies being born, my older dog, Dylan was nowhere in sight. Dylan was a golden retriever just like Ginger, except he was a male dog.  I realized he was probably scared of all of the attention, people, and puppies, so he probably went off to hide somewhere. Dylan died a year after all of these puppies were born, when I was in first grade.

The puppy breeds that Ginger had given birth to were yellow labs and black labs, twenty four in total, twelve of each breed. After all of the neighbors swarming, loud voices, plenty of excitement, and chaos came to an end, my parents  decided that we would keep one and give the rest away. My father was not sure if it was legal for us to sell them or not, so we were going to give them away for safekeeping. My siblings and I decided to call it a day and went to sleep, very excited for the future with having all of these puppies.

The next morning, me, Matt, and my sister Ava woke up and went to my dad.

“Go look at all your new brothers and sisters” My dad said laughing.
What I took away from this experience is that although anticipation can be painful, whatever you’re waiting for is worth it. This is kind of a weird thing to take away from such a big moment, but has became a very big lesson in my life. Me and my family were waiting so long for Ginger to have puppies, and although it was painful, the moment was very exciting.

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