Letter Essay #3 (Sam Wizda): The Rise of Nine


           The Rise of Nine

Recently, I completed the 3rd book in the I am Number 4 series, Rise of Nine, by Pittacus Lore. Pittacus Lore has only written books for the I am Number 4 series which right now totals out to 13 books. Rise of Nine is a science fiction book that was released on August 21, 2012 and most sites that feature the book give it mostly positive reviews. I read this book because I had, the year before, finished the first 2 books in the series, I am Number 4 and Power of 6. I had decided to continue the series. Another factor was how the last book, The Power of 6 ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger with the main character, 4, passing out after escaping a Mogadorian lair.

The story starts off with Marina, Six, and Ella heading to find 8, another member of the Garde, but, they unsurprisingly come along a lot of trouble on the way. Meanwhile, Four, Nine and Four’s shapeshifting dog, BK (or Bernie Kosar) are on the run from the FBI trying to meet up with Six and the others. Along the way though, both groups discover that the US government have teamed up with the Mogadorians to capture and kill the Garde. Four and Nine soon discover the power of their belongings used together. With the new objects power they discovered that their friends were still in India and that Setrakus Ra, their mortal enemy, was located in New Mexico. At this time, Eight had been found and recruited by Six, Marina and Ella, and to their surprise, Eight had the power to teleport and was able to get all of them to New Mexico with Nine and Four. The final battle had begun and all of them were united at last in order to face Setrakus Ra and his Mogadorian army AND the US government.

Once I had finished The Rise of Nine I was desperate to get the next book. I really wanted to continue the series and see what happens next, as like all of Pittacus Lore’s books, it ended on a cliffhanger. At this point, the series has forced me and other readers into, in a way, believing these characters are real and making us want to know what happens to them. Even some of the more forced relationships have now grown on the readers of this series!

“A normal life. Such a simple idea, but it’s almost impossible for me to picture.”

This quote has actually been repeated multiple times throughout the series by the Garde. A lot of the Garde wish they could live a simple happy life, but because of their powers, or legacies, this could never happen. This quote shares a valuable life lesson with the reader saying that you shouldn’t wish for what you don’t have or what you can’t obtain, but be happy with what you have. I really like this quote because it does shine some light on the characters of the story. It shows that they don’t enjoy being on the run or the fact that they have to stay hidden and don’t have normal freedoms. A lot of the Garde wish that they could just lie back and watch tv like other kids. This quote is also important to the character development of each individual and I don’t think there could be any quote more important than this in the entire series.

Finally, I rate this book a seven out of ten because I really enjoyed reading it, but some of the events in the book felt repetitive and sometimes even dull compared to the first book in the series, I am Number 4. Though, less attractive and binge-worthy than the first book, I would still really recommend reading The Rise of Nine to anyone who likes superheroes or science fiction. Overall, I really enjoyed reading it.

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  1. Dear Sam,

    I lve this book/ I also loved the way you explained it in such there is no way to do any constructive criticizam to you, Power to yah

    Sincerely vinny

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