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Dear Readers of the blog,

Recently, I have been reading The Compound by S. A. Bodeen( Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen) is an American children’s and young adult author. She is best known for her writing of young adult science fiction novels like The Compound and The Gardener. The book was published in 2008. The genre of this book is science fiction.


I chose this book because Mrs. Carlson told me it was a good book. She suggested I use the e reader if it was too difficult. This book is about a kid named Eli who wants freedom from his father’s underground compound for six years, but his father is the only one who knows the combination to escape, so he tries to find a way out.


The climax of the plot of this book is very suspenseful and surprising.  Things start to be revealed.  The father’s lies about a nuclear attack begin to become clear to Eli. The book gets very hard to put down. You are hanging by the edge of your seat.  I didn’t understand why Eli’s mother and father didn’t get along.   I wondered if maybe the mother was figuring out that the father was crazy.  Maybe she was losing her trust in him.  


I thought the following passage was a great example of the excitement and suspense in the plot ¨My legs shook too hard to hold me. I collapsed against the wall, my hair covering my face.¨

My breath came too fast.

My heartbeat skipped.

Sweat broke out on my forehead.

One of the supplements had touched me.”  page 108. This passage is a great example of the authors craft. It shows how she used  long and short sentences to make a strong point.


I rate this book a 10 because it was so interesting about how they were in the compound and also how they had to eat mouldy bread . also there was a lot what happens throughout the book


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9 thoughts on “Letter Essay 4 Brian Forde

  1. Brian,
    You did a nice job with this. Your letter-essays are improving. Keep reading and thinking about your reading and practicing writing about your reading. And keep using the checklist to make sure you have all the parts of a letter-essay.
    Mr. Jockers

  2. Dear Brian,
    Good job! I really liked how you included a lot of your own thinking. You could’ve added a it more information but thats about it. I also really liked the passage from the book you provided. It was really good because it went over the thing we just went over in class.


  3. Dear Brian,

    I really liked how you described suspense itself. By doing this, you included some of the author’s craft techniques we learned in class such as long short, and you also included some thought-shots like we learned today. I also liked how you explained specifically why you liked and chose the book, maybe next time just elaborate a little more on it. When you said you liked the book because of the fact that they eat moldy bread I thought it was great that you gave some specifics, as previously mentioned. Try to improve some minor spelling errors, but other than that, good job!

    Isabel Prentice

  4. Dear Brian,

    I liked how you noticed good author’s craft from your book. It reflected on our knowledge from class, and shows that you are able to apply it to your writing. Something else I really liked was that you put your own opinion of the book when you said how the book was very hard to put down and you are hanging by the edge of your seat. Overall, great job!

    Ashley Salvatore

  5. Brian,
    Good Job! I could tell that in your letter essay, you added a lot of your thinking. I liked how it showed what you thought of the book. I also liked the passage you selected. It had a lot of detail, and I thought that it was interesting that you noticed the Long- Short sentences, because I didn’t. I also liked how you really showed why you read the book, and I liked that you said that the book was ” hard to put down” and that ” you were hanging on the edge of our seat”. Overall, good job!

    -Amber Borofsky

  6. Brian,

    I really liked your letter essay! I liked how you added a lot of your thoughts to the letter-essay. You described your thoughts in a way that was relatable. I think you could’ve added more information about the book, but overall it was good.



  7. Brain,
    I really liked your essay. Thank you for sharing it with me. I loved your deep thinking and analyzation of the novel. It shows me you were paying attention when you read it.


  8. Dear Brian,

    I really enjoyed this letter essay and it kept me captivated, I would like ot see more evidence through your piece but otherwise great job!


    Aidan Ordway

  9. Brain,
    I loved the way that you expressed your thoughts throughout the book. You kept the reader always attached and wanted to read more.

    From, Cooper

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