My Great Escape-Andrew Capeci memoir

Name: Andrew Capeci

Teacher: Jockers

Class: 5

Date: 2/1/2018


In the summer of 2008 I embarked on a great and dangerous adventure. I escaped my grandparents backyard and slowly made my way into the city all by myself. About nine years ago my parents we’re having a tag sale at my grandfather’s house. We were selling whatever items we had leftover from when we moved from Norwalk to Easton. The tag sale held at my grandfather’s house quickly became rather busy and kept my mother’s attention away from my actions. Tag sales may be great fun for adults and maybe even teenagers, but very boring for four year old boy with a strong sense of adventure. While my parents were hosting the tag sale, I was playing in the backyard with whatever I could find. This grew old fast. “Stay on grandpa’s yard” my mother said in between customers. “I don’t want you to get lost”.

“I will mommy” I shouted back. But I had other plans.


As time past, I lost interest in the small backyard and made my way towards the only thing keeping me from my great adventure. Within a minutes time the wooden fence gate was closing behind me. Suddenly it seemed like my once limited world became endless and full of possibility. I quickly reached the corner of the sidewalk and could not help but to notice the beauty of my surroundings. Large trees lined my path. I was no longer alone but part of a crowd of people and pets.


I started to casually walk down the street trying to imitating the crowds around me. I was happily unaware that a four year old child walking alone on a sidewalk stuck out like a sore thumb. My plan was to see the sights and than make my way back to the tag sale before I was noticed to be missing. But plans often fail. I had completely gotten myself lost within 10 minutes. Not knowing where I was going I picked the direction that I felt the strongest about, unluckily it was the exact opposite direction I needed to go. Knowing my mother, she would of definitely found out I was gone by now and started to search for me. As I headed deeper into the city I became more worried that I was not going to find my way back. I suddenly became stunned and frozen with fear, I felt I was being followed. A truck pulls up right next to me. It was dark I could not see who was inside. The tinted window starts to roll down it seems as it takes forever for the window to make it all the way to the bottom but suddenly I am relieved. It was my dad, he told me to get in the truck and said I have a lot of explaining to do.

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