Letter essay #5 – Jason Kowalski

SpellBound is an unmatched Christopher Pike novel. Published in April of 1988 it’s unlike to his other work of that time. Most of Pike’s more famous books, are still horor but less of an spellbound subject. Although the book was not given its full credit and not given any notable awards it’s quite entertaining. This 191, adult fiction novel is still a good read for an eighth grader because it’s amazing style of writing


We open up to a nosey reporter, Kent Cooke and his unrelenting question. A murder, Karen Holly and her boyfriend Jason sit upon a waterfall, the night sky sets a relaxing tone. After a slow walk up to the top Karen is happy to sit down. A roar covers the sounds of nature. It’s a mystery to Jason so he goes to look. Karen is alone, as the roar, a bear attacks. Her skull smashed in and scrapes everywhere, With Jason having minimal scratches. Jason runs, Karen in his arms to the river bed. Putting her down on a log to run to a phone. She’s found… dead, with only one witness. Jason. Kent Cooke takes action:

“Could it of been done by a sledge hammer and rake”

“I suppose it could of”, The Doctor replies. (Page.4)

Cooke is suspicious, an teen gets mauled to death, and her boyfriend gets a little bruse. It doesn’t seem right.


Cindy has an almost perfect life. Being a senior in high school she doesn’t have a care in the world. And if she did her boyfriend Jason would take care of it. It’s a repeat. Cindy and Karen had great lives, but one thing was different. Cindy was still alive.


A night… months later. Cindy, Jason, the waterfall. As they sit having a romantic night something happens, not a grizzly however. She falls off the waterfall. For some unimaginable reason the foreign exchange student from Africa, Bala savers her. Jason takes her back to his place to get her out of her wet clothes. After finding a picture of Karen next to Jason’s bed she gets suspicious too.


I chose this book because it was an unknown genre to me. Even though I read fantasy often not many are this are like this. A non realistic fiction mystery novel was a quick choice for me because of the questions that came with the genre’s name.


In total I’d give this book a three. A slow start made this book have no meat and felt like an overall loose story. It skips around. And with Christopher Pike knowing, doesn’t have much detail. So little detail that he had to put disclaimers at the back of his novel. The only parts of this book that’s entertaining are the questioning parts. Most of the book felt like a setup. The 191 pages just seemed like one big introduction to a subject that Pike never touched on. I do agree with his use of detail though as it did seem almost like one big question. Even though this book was a little rough I still would recommend it for someone looking in to the introduction of horror novels




Jason Kowalski

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