Convince Teens to Eat Breakfast

It was 6:58 A.M. I had stayed up until at least 11:00 pm last night doing work. I had almost no time to get ready for school. When I finally got ready, it was already 7:20, the time when the bus comes to my house to pick me up. I didn’t even take a piece of fruit, and it showed when I got to school. I was tired, confused, off task, and extremely slow at seemingly everything. I have skipped breakfast before, but it simply isn’t worth all of the consequences; lousiness, confusion, and the fatigue.


Teenagersattending school wake up early each morning, and begin school early each day. Sometimes, breakfast is out of the question. They stay up too late at night doing massive amounts of homework to be able to fit breakfast into their valuable schedule. However, breakfast is extremely more significant than we once thought.


According to Kellogg’s 2017 survey of 14,594 people, only 50% of middleschool students eat breakfast each morning and only 36% of high schoolers. This is a massive issue, however, everyone can help to fix it.


According to Elizabeth Harris; The New York Times, 360 NewYork schools serve free breakfast each morning, and some schools reported drastically higher averages of focus levels in morning classes. This has been proven numerous times to be extremely successful in these schools, however, teens in other areas of the US still are not eating breakfast, which needs to be changed immediately.


Devora Kaye, a spokeswoman for Education Department, spoke to The Times, and explained why children need to be served breakfast at school, “We know that for the children to learn in school, they need to be well nourished and this is why we are so focused on meeting the whole needs of children.”


What can people do to help this issue? Well, according to Jeremi Davidson, breakfast is often skipped for insecure reasons, such as weight loss. This is ultimately the main reason why breakfast is skipped by 45% of teens. They are self-conscious about their weight, and the first thing that comes to their mind is not eating or over-exercising. His thoughtful explanation is  simple yet remarkably effective; eating breakfast in the morning helps the body think that it is full, and cannot eat any more food, therefore teens who eat breakfast have no intentions to snack throughout the day. People who don’t eat breakfast have these intentions, which increases the amount of carbohydrate, sugar, and cholesterol intake. Breakfast turns out to be the healthier decision, we just needed to know why. Breakfast is crucial, and should not be skipped by anyone.

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  1. This was well written and you have a lot of facts to support your claim on why students should eat breakfast every morning, before school especially.

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