The Great Aspects and Advancements of Youth Football

Many kids play football and adore it. People say it should be taken away because it is way to dangerous. Why would you ban one of the most popular sports in America? I play football and I love it. I have so much fun as do my friends. Our team is not very good but, I still have a great time. That just shows how good and fun the sport is. Yes, there are many dangerous injured but, actually football doesn’t even have the most amount of injuries per year. Football should absolutely not be banned because it is great for your health, social benefits/ improves well being, and day by day it is getting less and less dangerous. Football is great for your health, playing football for one hour three times a week has been shown to have significant benefits to health and well-being. It helps in the form of,  lower body fat, lower lipid levels or blood fats, increases in muscle mass and also a level of blood pressure. It also improves cardiovascular health. Another reason is because kids have lots of fun. Football is shown to increase your wellbeing by a lot not only physically but emotionally because kids make many friends on the field and have lots of fun playing it with them. It also is a great option because with the fun and activity involved it doesn’t get boring. The last reason that football should not be banned is because the safety with equipment is rapidly improving and that will make the game a lot less dangerous. Researchers at UCLA are working on new and safer designs of helmets. The design of the helmet is an energy-absorbing material called Architected Lattice that would replace the foam inside the helmet and absorb some energy from the impacts. This Lattice had been shown to reduce the impact force by 26 percent compared to the conventional foam now used in football helmets. Larry Carson, director of advanced materials at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science is part of the team in making these lattice designs. Another design is that the helmets will include spring-like fibers to replace the foam and allow the inner layer of the helmet to move independently of the outer layer. Its a multi-layered helmet composed of the traditional polycarbonate shell, flexible plastic, and a material that has the consistency of dried tar. Also the United States Army research lab is working on ways to protect the neck better which leads to lots of injuries in football. These things will all be critical to making football safer. It would be cruel to take football away so why would you.


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