Getting my new dog

It was a cold winter day, the first day of December as me and my family were minutes away from our destination. I was very excited like a puppy when you get home from dinner. I was going to get my first pet (besides a couple of fish).  As we arrived at the Dog Home were all the dogs where we walked inside and all the puppy´s jumped on us. My brother and I walked through the house and we saw a dog that we both liked that was a option for my family to get. ¨Dad which dog are we going to get¨ my brother asked, ¨were still looking¨ he responded. Me and my brother went into the living room and sat on the couch, the dogs kept coming up to us as we were watching football. We waited a half hour and then our parents came in. My mom said ¨we are getting that one”, as she pointed to one of the puppies. It was the one that me and brother liked!

 My parents did all the paperwork and now it was official, we owned a dog. As we brought the dog into the car we had a bed for him next to me and my brother in the back row, as we started our drive the dog looked as tired as a bear coming out of hibernation. It was a long drive back home from Boston and I was tired. We were about 30 minutes away from home and the puppy woke up. We still had not decided on a name for him yet and as we were talking my brother said “we should name him Oliver” we talked about it and we all liked it so our new dogs name was Oliver.

We got home and it started to snow we brought Oliver inside and sat down after a long day. We played with him and sat with him for the rest of the night he was so energetic that we thought he would never get tired. As we went to bed that night we thought about how great of a day this was and how good the future with our new dog would be.


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