The Ride of My Life

It was my first time ever on the superman.  Me, and my friends AJ, Suvon, and Jake were all on the Superman roller coaster ride at Six Flags New England, and I was scared.  All 4 of us loaded into the coaster car. I said to myself, “this is going to be super scary”. (I have a huge fear of heights, and the superman goes all the way up 500 feet, and then drops at almost 90 degrees)  “Suvon, is this ride scary?” I asked.
“It might be a little bit scary the first time, but after that, you will be totally fine.”  Aj explained.

“Oh boy.”  I whispered to myself.  I strapped myself in with the belt that the ride has to make you not go flying off of the ride.  Right after I strapped myself in, the person that was running the ride said, “The train will be leaving in 10 seconds.  10,9,8,7,6,5,4…” I took a deep breath. “3,2,1” And we started moving.  


I woke up to someone shaking me and whispering my name into my ear.  I opened my eyes just a little bit, and I could see my friend AJ standing up next to me.  ¨Come on Jaxon, you have to get up so you could eat breakfast and we could leave.¨

¨5 more minutes.¨  I groaned.

¨No, get up now, I have been trying to wake you up for the last 15 minutes.¨  He explained.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes a little bit.  When I opened them, I examined the room that I was in.  I was sitting up on a brown couch with blankets all over it.  And my two friends, Suvon and Jake were both sitting up, with a bowl of lucky charms in their lap, and they were both staring at the TV.   They were watching Stranger Things, season 3. I threw the heavy blankets off of me, on to Jake and Suvon´s head. ¨Good morning, scrubs¨

¨What was that for?¨

¨Yeah, what the heck man.¨

¨I did that because you started watching Stranger Things BEFORE I woke up, even though I told you when we both went to bed that we were going to watch it when I woke up, but you didn’t listen, so I had to give you a little consequence.¨

¨Sorry.¨  Suvon told me

¨Yeah, me too.¨  Jake added.

¨It’s fine, but you have to restart the episode.¨  I explained. Jake picked up the remote, and held down the rewind button while I went to make myself a bowl of lucky charms.  AJ’s dog, Francine, came over to me and licked me like I was a fresh, cooked piece of bacon. A 5 foot tall piece of bacon. I told her to stop, and she did what I said right away, because that’s the type of dog she is, she listens right away.  I chomped down my lucky charms, The amazing taste of the marshmallows like a flavor bomb aiming straight for my taste buds. Me and my 3 friends all watched Stranger Things together. Me and AJ were sharing jokes with each other, while Suvon and Jake were staring at the screen INTENTLY.  See, me and AJ have been friends since he was born, and we grew up together, and our moms are best friends as well, so we were able to see each other a lot. He is literally a brother to me. But then… we got older, and that meant more schoolwork that had to be done at home, so we were not able to see each other that much anymore, but this summer, our moms were trying to make it like the old days, so they got us all season passes to six flags so we could go whenever we wanted to.  And it has been working really well, it’s just like the old days now. Whenever I am with my mom, we try to go see them at all times. But back to us telling each other jokes. I was going to tell him something that I thought was really funny, when AJ’s mom said, “Jaxon’s mom is going to be here in 5 minutes, and when she gets here, we are going to be out the door.” I didn’t even change out of my pajamas. So I jumped off the couch like I was a lynx, grabbed some clothes out of my bag, and went to the bathroom to change really fast.  I got changed at the nick of time. Right when my mom opened the door to AJ’s house, I was walking out of the bathroom. My mom saw me and said hi. I said hi right back. She yelled for AJ, Suvon, and Jake to go get in the car. They yelled back, “OKAY, were coming.” We all got loaded into the car, and we were off. We decided to get some drinks and snacks before we got on the highway, because it was going to be almost 100 degrees today, and we were probably going to be very thirsty and hungry. I grabbed some hot cheetos and a big gatorade.  Right when I was getting in the car, I remembered something, it was AJ’s birthday today. (I have a very bad memory, so dont judge me.) I told him when I got back in the car, “happy birthday man.”

“Thanks, what took you so long to tell me?”

“You know I have a bad memory.”

He laughed with that crazy laugh of his that sounds like a hyena’s laugh on steroids. After that, we were on the road again.  


After about another 2 hours of driving, we were only a mile away.  I looked out the window and I could see the amazing ride that sends you flying straight up, sends you back down out of nowhere, and then sends you back up again and it keeps repeating.  The ride was so tall that it looked like the clouds needed a flu shot, and that was the needle that was about to go into the clouds. AJ and Jake were also looking out the window, mesmerized at the height of that ride.  Suvon was sleeping next to me, so I shook his shoulder to get him to wake up. It took a couple of minutes, but I eventually got him to open his eyes. I told him, “look.” I pointed at the ride. His eyes widened, “What the heck, that thing is like, 300 feet tall!”

“I know, it’s crazy.”

“I am not going on that ride,”  he explained.

“Yes you are.”

“No I am not.”



“Boys!, stop yelling at each other, we are about to get into the parking space, but before we park, we are going to drop you guys off at the entrance so you could get in early.”  AJ’s mom explained

“Okay”  Us four said in unison.  Once we got to the main entrance, us four hopped out of the car.  We raced like we were roadrunners to the rides. Before we got halfway through the park, Jake stopped us.  “Boys, what ride should we go on first?”

“Superman.”  the rest of us three answered

“I knew you would say that.”  This was me and Jake’s first time going on the superman, he was being a wuss about it, but I was only a little bit scared.  It’s just a ride, I told myself. We sprinted to the superman ride. We were going so fast that the other people there zoomed past us in a hazy blur.  Once we finally got there, we went in, and there was absolutely no line! Usually, the line goes back to the entrance for the ride. I was so excited, but then I had a flashback.  When I was younger, me, my mom, and my grandma went to six flags. I went on this one ride called the batman. The ride makes you upside down and it does 360’s, and I absolutely hated roller coasters after that.  But I am older now, so I could do this. (I think I can at least) We got up to the real entrance of the ride, where people get on the coaster. There were about 4 people in the line for the first seats way up front.  AJ and Jake wanted to go in the front, so me and Suvon went into the second row line, which was a bit shorter, so we had to wait. The coaster eventually pulled up to pick us up. It was beautiful. It was painted blue and red, superman’s colors, and it looked like what Superman would look like if he was a roller coaster.  I asked Suvon how the ride was when we were strapped in. He said it’s not bad, and it’s really fun to ride on. I took a breath and kept telling myself what Suvon told me, that it was going to be fine. Before I knew it, the person that was running the coaster announced, “We are leaving in 10 seconds. I repeat 10 seconds.”  I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, and when I opened them again, we were going up. The stress inducing Superman music started playing, and then I knew that we were almost at the top. We were almost up, I could see where we were going to drop, I took a deep breath, and we were going down. My hair was flying everywhere, and I was screaming like a little girl.  It felt that my skin was coming off of my face because of the wind. I could hear Suvon screaming too. We went on another, smaller ditch, and we went back down again. After that, I was so scared that I closed my eyes for the rest of the time. I could feel the train turning left and right, but I didn’t want to open my eyes because I was too scared. We finally came to a stop.  I was breathing heavily. Suvon looked over at me and asked me, “did you like it?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t really see because I was closing my eyes.”  

He said okay.  We got off the train, and I was smiling, and so were my friends.  It was an awesome time, we went to the waterpark, ate food, and did some other stuff too, but that was definitely the highlight of that amazing day.  I knew that I would go on that ride so much when we would come back, and I knew that for a fact. It felt as if my gut was playing with me, like my gut was telling me that it was going to be scary, but it wasn’t.  It was the ride of my life.


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