The Vacation that Almost Didn’t Happen

If  only  I had  known about  the disaster this  morning would bring.  For summer vacation we  decided to go on a small  trip (because we had gone to  disney in the winter already). And  we still wanted to go somewhere fun  so we decided to go to Great Wolf. I  had just woken up, and I could feel the  sun betting on my face forcing me awake. After  a few lazy seconds of staying in my comfy sheets  not wanting to leave the comfort and warmth I remembered  that we were leaving for vacation. I bounced down the stairs  with a grin on my face looking like I had just entered a candy  store. But once I turned the corner I heard my mother’s voice. It wasn’t  a happy upbeat ready for a trip voice. It sounded like a mother consoling a  child. 

Finally  I had turned  the second corner  to the kitchen. I saw  my mother on the ground sitting  next to my dog Devenver stroking  his more white than yellow fur that  matches the tile he was laying on. My father is standing  next to her on the phone with my aunt. All I could do  was stand there. I couldn’t do anything all I could do was  be in aw a million thoughts rushed through my head. “What’s going  to happen?” “will we still go on the trip?” There seemed more thoughts  that entered my head the more I worried about it and the more questions I needed  to ask but I kept my mouth shut knowing that wasn’t the right time to ask questions.  I guess I looked like a deer in headlights because my mother said something.

“Oh  good morning  Violet, Denvers  not doing too well” She  was clearly trying not to cry  in front of me.

“Well  I see that” I  said trying to be  as nice as possible.

Dever  was a yellow  lab that my mother  had rescued 13 years  earlier and was like her  child. He was always attached  to her hip never too far away. ( Years  later my mother would tell me she secretly  let him upstairs with her and not the other  dogs till he got stuck on the stairs).  

“Your  aunt will  be here in fifteen  minutes” My dad chimed  in.


I  hadn’t  noticed it  till now but  Denver was heaving  heavily at that and  I thought it was weird  I didn’t notice it before  now, but now that I did his  heaving filled the room like and  elephant on a train car. All I could  do was sit next to my mom on the ground  and pet denver. He was in pain. The fifteen  minutes move as slow as molasses never seem to end,  then.

“ I  am going  to pull up  the car” my dad  said finally breaking  the silence

It  was sad  to see my  dad carry Denver  to the car knowing  I would probably never  see him again. My dad and  I stood on the porch for a minute  not saying a word, not needing to say  a word. What horrible timing.
“I guess  you and your  brother still need  breakfast” my dad pointed  out

“Yah  I guess”  I responded

We  walked  into the  house, the  next hour went  by in a blurr. Just  going through the motions  trying to keep are minds of  that morning.

“Do  you still  think we’re  still going on  vacation?” I asked

“I  don’t  know you  have to ask  your mother” he  said in response 

Finally  they returned  home with no dog.  We rushed up to mom  both asking if she was  ok. She responded yes. I left  shortly after partly to give my  parents space partly because I was  bored and didn’t want to stick around  all the gloom. My brother stayed in his  room away from the chayose not wanting or  understanding what was happening. But an hour later I  heard the sounds of packing and water running down the  hallway. I was confused. I didn’t think we were still going  on the trip. I mean the dog just died. But sure enough as  I made my way down the hallway I could see my mom packing her  bag.

“So  where  still going  in the trip”  I asked

“Yah  why not  it would be  a good distraction,  and we already paid  for a room what a waist  it would be not to go. Let’s  go have some fun.” She said, looking  more happy than before. 

I  ran  up and  gave her  a hug. I knew  we would always  miss Denver. He was  loyal and gentle even  when he tried to steal  your food. In the end we  ended up having a really fun  time on vacation. 


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