Distance Learning Day 3

My third day went by pretty fast. It is weird because when I am at school, time goes by so slowly. And when I am at home doing work, the day only feels like 30 minutes long. 

It’s going to be weird when I go back to school and see everyone, IF we go back to school. I am doing well right now, the only things that I am doing is obviously finishing up my work, reading, and on technology, but I have not taken a walk yet and will be doing soon. 

I feel bad for my parents for working extra hard and being extra careful in a difficult time like this. This is difficult for me and my siblings too but being a caregiver and doing a job in business can be stressful with all those layered on top of you. 

Right now I feel pretty disconnected with sisters except for Lilah since her room is right next to mine, because I barely know if one is here or not, one lives in Vermont now for almost a year, but there are not as much cases there than in Connecticut, and one lives in Bridgeport and I am worried since she has asthma. 

But at the same time, it feels like me and my family are together since we are trapped in the one house and we can’t go anywhere.

Nothing feels as tight as it did two days ago for me, even though things about the virus are getting worse.

What gets me pretty upset that there is another virus that just came yesterday called the Hantavirus. I am not as afraid since I don’t think it will spread as easily. 

I want to know when a medicine will come out and help us. It will take a long time but we are all positive about this.

I wonder if it is possible to avoid this virus since it is being so successful to transfer so quickly from one person to another. 

There are many myths and facts that are not true about the Coronavirus and so much we do not know about. 

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1 thought on “Distance Learning Day 3

  1. I agree daniel, that the day moves differently when we are at school and at home. Also, I didn’t even know about the hantavirus, interesting.

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