Distance Learning Journal Day 1

So much has happened over the course of the week, that is hard to explain. It is just too much to wrap my head around. Even though I do not watch the news, I have heard enough to know what has been going on. It’s hard to believe that a case of something across the globe was able to travel to the U.S.A. in a matter of days.

My family has been well over the week. My dad is always working on the computer for his job, and it seems every time I step foot in the house my mom is already urging me to go back outside, so I always do. I know that when we are back in school, and being able to see peoples faces, and we will be having the same school day we normally have, but at our homes, and we will be in a chair all day, that being able to go outside would seem we would give almost anything for it.

I have been outside, tossing the football with my brother, and playing soccer with my younger sister and brother. I have been going on bike rides and walks with my family. Besides from that, I have been following a strict soccer schedule that one of my teams sent out, saying to do 200 sit ups, 50 push ups, 4 minutes of planks, and a 1 mile run every day (I always end up doing 2 miles). I have enjoyed the outdoor time, and also having nothing that we need to do.

Everybody is starting to get things going and it seems like us humans have been adapting to a new world. Just the other day My family and I watched a youtube video of Bishop Caggiano doing what would have been mass that Sunday. It just seems so strange to be watching church. I never thought in my life that would happen. But then again, there were a lot of things I never thought would have happened, yet they did.

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2 thoughts on “Distance Learning Journal Day 1

  1. My mom and dad have been doing the same thing. And I’ve been doing the workouts our coach sent us.

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