Distance Learning: Week 1

Honestly, it’s quite nice to sleep in, it’s almost as if summer slammed somehow into the season of spring.  These online learning are quite enjoyable, one thing I do like is sometimes taking breaks or switching subjects anytime I like, gives a bit of freedom. At the same time, direct communication and questions are hard, so what I’m always thinking about is what’s a good project that students and teachers are able to grade and somehow have access to. You probably heard by now that many resources in supermarkets are gone, especially TOILET PAPER, or possibly any cleaning supplies. Yeah, I remembered my mom waking up at 5 a.m. in the morning scrambling to the supermarket just to get cleaning supplies, quite chaotic in my opinion. Well besides that, it’s quite homesick here, I do go outside every once in a while to take a breath or walk around, but like real long car drives? Now it’s much more rarer.  The good thing is I actually begin to find things more often in the house. Usually, I wouldn’t know where some items are in the house until today which is quite surprising. I didn’t know we had an attic until I went to adjust the light bulb in the ceiling. Quite the dust in there. To keep myself busy, I would just read sometimes, do chores, maybe play some chess, practice basketball, and just help out around the house pretty much. That one day where it snowed quite shocked me. It was almost the end of March and sudden chunks of snow plopped onto the ground. I would sometimes practice basketball in my backyard but, with that snow,  Winter is probably not over yet! I finished up my book for the most part, normal schoolwork is pretty much coming back from each class at this point again, so I guess you can “visualize” the feeling of being back at school, but,  I wake up at 10 a.m. to work instead.



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