Edward Fusco Distanced learning journal day 2

Day two cases in CT 618: Today my Nerf gun arrived from ebay. My parents made me put on gloves to open the box and I had to wipe down the nerf box inside of the ebay box with Lysol wipes. I took out some parts of the dun to make it better. After that I went to my treehouse, where my mom has been working, to watch tv on my phone but to also be outside. At first my mom wouldn’t let me go on the roof but when I asked again she said I could. I watched a couple episodes of The Office and then decided to get down. When I came back inside my dad said that we were going on a walk and we were taking Oscar, our dog. After many attempts, we could not get Oscar to leave the yard, because he is used to the electric fence. My dad got frustrated and went inside and started watching Netflix. My mom and me and my brother ended up going for the walk, except me and my brother were on our scooters.

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