“Ava, LOOK!”

Today I woke up at 10:00 and I got dressed and went downstairs at 10:19. I had coffee cake for breakfast and then sat down in the dining room to start doing my school work. I had signed into the homeroom class, did my art, pe, and band work and then decided to facetime Charlotte. We both needed to work on something for SS and it was so much work so we didn’t want to do it alone. We kept on trying to do the work but we kept on getting interrupted. 

My mom had to go out somewhere and my dad was working in my office. Whenever my mom is around Remi is good. But when she leaves Remi goes crazy. Remi whines and howls at the gate trying to find my mom. We have this special toy for Remi that she loves. It is a block of cheese especially made for dogs. If you put it in the microwave it turns into a big cheese puff and Remi loves it, but we couldn’t find it.

Me and my brother get on the ground and we look everywhere. Finally I found a small piece of it near her food bowl and I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. I take it out and hand it to Remi and for some reason she decides she is scared of it. So I put it on the floor of the living room hoping she will finally eat it.

I grab my stuff from the dining room and put it on the table so I can keep an eye on Remi. As I sit down Remi rings the bells signaling she has to go outside so I get up and let her out. She pees. We go back inside and I sit down. Remi keeps on whining and then she walks in the kitchen.

She pees on the floor.

I then clean up the pee and then go outside with her again, just in case. She pees again. About 10 minutes later she rings the bells. I tell my brother Austin to let her out and he does. He comes back inside and I ask, “Did she go to the bathroom?”

“She peed.”

How much pee can come from a small 20 pound dog??!!! Within a span of 15 minutes she went 4 times!!!

I finally get back to Charlotte on facetime and I hear, “Ava LOOK!” Charlotte’s younger brother Bode says. I look and he is wearing a tortilla on his face. The tortilla has 2 holes for his eyes, and then he looks at me and eats it.

After a while, me and Charlotte got most of our work done, but then her parents needed her to do something.

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1 thought on ““Ava, LOOK!”

  1. I should have put a tortilla on my face in today’s lesson video and ate it; that would have made it much better 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Ava. My family really wants to get a new dog so I’m living a bit vicariously through your stories about Remi. Keep writing!

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