What I’m Missing

I was so excited for this quarantine, free days spent chilling inside with endless food. Then, I remembered what we would be missing. The dance with the Redding kids, the trip to the Bronx zoo, the drama club production where I was a lead, and so much more! I didn’t know how powerless you could feel having a whole year of your life just being… taken away. Well, I mean, I did know how powerless you would feel, I just never needed to put any thought whatsoever into it. But here I am, writing in an online journal because I can’t go to the one place I took for granted. Life really sucks sometimes, but on the bright side, now I know how to really appreciate school?

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1 thought on “What I’m Missing

  1. Just one of the many silver linings to be found in all of this, Brookley. Thank you for posting. Keep writing!

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