Distance Learning Day 1

I never thought I would be missing school so much. I didn’t think this was how we would define 2020. 

It has been so boring over the past week because of nothing to do. I long to see my friends at school again and I wish I could see all the teachers as well. Luckily for me, I play tennis. Since all other sports complexes have shut down because of Corona (like soccer practices, hockey and football), tennis is one of the safest sports because everyone stands more than six feet apart from each other on opposite sides of the court. The sad thing is, both the clubs I play at for tennis are closed, but the good news is that I can play outside. So I have been able to stay active and stay fit. My brother plays soccer, so I’ve helped him stay active by sprinting and playing soccer tennis.

I have been reading everyday at home for the past week or so, and I am glad I have been. I am reading a nonfiction book (just to stay with the unit we left off with at school) and it has been very interesting. It is about “Women in Science.” It teaches me all about incredible women who have done great things in the world. I have also started reading “The Miracle Worker.” The book you gave us.

The thing I have been most upset about this entire time gone was my birthday. My birthday was on Friday, March 20th. I was so looking forward to having my birthday be on a school day because I wanted to see my friends for my birthday, but unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything. Plus, it was raining and wet for the first half of the day, so I couldn’t go out of the house. So it was a bit boring, but at least I got to spend it with my entire family. And my cake was delicious so I can’t complain about that.

For the most part, I am just worried and scared. I have many relatives that live in danger zones for the Coronavirus. I have a great uncle who lives in England, and he’s more susceptible to Corona because of his age. I have many relatives who live in New York and New Jersey areas. I have my grandparents who live in Jamaica, and it is said that Jamaica has 19 cases so far, and Jamaica being such a tiny island, it could spread fast. I also have relatives who live in Florida, and they live with their grandparents, which is not so great at this time of year.

The one person I have been most scared about is my tennis coach’s father. He is very old and lives in Romania. He came up here for about three months to stay with my coach, and he was supposed to go back to Romania a week ago. So because of Corona, we are scared to let him go back, but his Visa will expire and he will have to go back, so we are not quite sure what to do. I’m positive we will figure something out.

The one question I have is, why toilet paper? All stores are completely out of toilet paper, and I don’t know why! I would be stocking up on food and water more than anything. Why does someone need that much toilet paper! It’s not like toilet paper is going to get rid of Corona in your house! That has been the most confusing thing about this Coronacation so far.

Nonetheless, I cannot stress enough how much I am missing school and all the teachers. I would much rather be at school right now than anything and hope to see all of you guys again soon!!!

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