A Windy Day

On day nine of online school I experienced wind, wind, and more wind. All day whenever I would want to do something productive outside it would be ruined. One thing I did today was, I tried to hit some baseballs off a tee into a net. It started out fine, I got set up, I got the bucket of balls and I got the tee and net set up. I hit for about five minutes, and during those five minutes the net got knocked over a couple of times, but not biggie, I just picked it up and continued. As I pick up my bat a big gust of wind blows right past me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, some nice fresh air blowing up on my face, but I turned around to see my hitting net to be about 50 yards away rolling around on my neighbors yard. So I am running to go get that thing, I grab onto it and get it under control. I apologize to my neighbors, and proceed on with my day. I am now inside rolling around on my chair, and I have this genius thought. What if I go play Frisbee outside with my dog Chloe. Seems fun right? No, I threw that frisbee five feet off of the ground, and I kid you not that thing rose 60 feet into the air and right away got stuck in a tree. So I gave up on that idea, and I just took my dog for a walk. We walk around my neighborhood loop and come back home. The walk was very successful, my dog did her business and got some exercise. It all went well until I walked past the mirror in my room and my hair looked like I’d been sticking my head out the window for hours on the highway. And for the rest of the day I stayed inside protected from all wind.

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2 thoughts on “A Windy Day

  1. I really liked your blog post because it reminds me of one day where I was outside and the wind was annoying me too.

  2. Yeah, throwing a Frisbee on a really windy day isn’t the best idea. But flying a kite would be ­čÖé

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