Online School Is Trash

It is Friday and it is the second week of distance learning. This week, we have been getting a lot more work than last week. Some classes we barely have to do anything and other classes we have a lot more. This week has been a long week. It’s hard to sit in a chair for 3 hours. Even though our school day is nowhere near as long as the one we normally have, at home it feels like it’s the same amount of time or even longer. Everybody has probably been doing the same thing at home. Watching TV, working out, playing games, and more. Today is an ugly day and it seems that there will probably be lots of TV watching or playing games, probably not much going outside, but you never know. Since I am writing this early in the morning, I am hoping that the day will clear up becaus it does not look too great outside right now. Sometimes I am puzzled about what to write. I feel like I am just writing the same thing over and over again just saying it differently, and I think a lot of people could probably agree. I have been playing board games, watching TV, and going on runs. Occasionally I will go to the soccer field with my family,because most of my siblings play soccer. I am hoping that we don’t get assigned to much work next week and that the weather will also be nice.


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