Second weekend of not going to school.

The weekend was great. I was outside the whole time. Saturday was the best though. It was so warm and it felt like summer. I was able to wear shorts and short sleeves. Me and my family went outside and played games. We threw the frisbee. Then we all played botchy ball. It was me and my brother versus my parents. Me and my brother also won by a lot. Then we played blokus. I got second all three times. I was mad I never won but it was ok because I had lots of fun. Then on Sunday I went outside and went for a bike ride which was very nice. I went all around the neighborhood going up and down hills. Today is also a nice day. It is sunny and I told my parents I would wash their cars. Also we are going to play corn hole and some more Frisbee today. I am so happy it is getting warm out. I love the summer and spring because I love the warmth.

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