Hanging Out

Distance socializing is a thing, and I’ve been doing it everyday. It’s really lonely and boring being on quarantine, and I miss seeing my friends at school. I really miss our dumb little conversations while we’re doing our work. So, what I’ve been doing while I do my work is FaceTiming some of my friends. When we’re doing math work or French work I’ll FaceTime my friends and we’ll talk each other through the work. 

After school we are talking too. Jadynn and I have been talking for hours each day. I’ve also been FaceTiming Sophie, Fazila, Daniel, Adriana, and Sarah. Even if we aren’t talking and just sitting there, it’s nice to feel like we’re in somebody’s company. It’s just that lonely. 

It’s not only over FacTime or call, it’s TikTok too. Everyone is sending each other funny videos, and commenting on everyone’s videos. Plus, people are making videos of their favorite memories from this last year, I know I have. And, everyone is really hoping for a summer. So, people have also compiled videos from our favorite memories of Summer ‘19. 

Other ways we have been communicating is through Instagram, sending each other posts, group FaceTimes, and through a Netflix browser extension. Through the extension, we can watch TV shows and movies with each other. I have been using it to watch Grey’s Anatomy and The Office with my friends. 

If there is one thing I’m hoping for is to have a summer. I don’t even care about being quarantined for my birthday, I just want summer. Everyone has made such big plans for this summer, including myself. Jadynn is going to come down to my summer house for two weeks, and we’re going to go to Surf2Live, the Long Beach surf company, and just have fun for two whole weeks. I am praying that we can still do that. 

Being lonely really sucks, but at least we have a virtual way to socialize. I would feel really bad if this happened forty years ago, where all you could do was talk on the phone… and even that cost you money. 

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2 thoughts on “Hanging Out

  1. What you wrote in the last paragraph is interesting, Gianna, and it’s something I wrote about in my first blog post: I wonder what would have happened if a similar pandemic struck us while I was in middle school, about 30 years ago. I don’t think we could have continued schooling from home. And, yeah, no technology. How on Earth would we have we survived? 🙂

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