(This is a fake story – the title is just a title)

It was a murky day, and Ashlynn did not want to open her eyes, as it was met with a window full of sunlight hitting her as if she were a bulls-eye. Her door creaked open. Ashlynn’s soupy brown eyes lit up and she quickly opened her eyes to face the intruder. “What do you want Jessica?” She demanded, eyes full of a piercing hatred. Jessica floated through her room and over to her closet. “Honey, It’s time to get ready.” was Jessica’s steely reply. Jessica was Ashlynn’s stepmom, and not a good one. Pausing to check her makeup and figure in Ashlynn’s full length mirror, Jessica glanced at Ashlynn haughtily and strutted out of the room, slamming the door ever so daintily. 

Ashlynn pulled herself out of her cheaply made bed next to her disgusting closet full of clothes that weren’t designer. Ashlynn hated her life. She hated the fact her dad divorced her real mom and married a hot young girl. She hated the fact she never got any attention. Her brand new, state of the art bedroom set wants enough for this entitled twelve year old. In fact, she was disappointed in her modern bedroom compete with personal bathroom, walk in closet, and balcony hot tub. Ashlynn pulled on her jeans, boots and top as she walked over to her vanity and pulled out her two-thousand dollar skin care set. How wonderful having a famous actor as a dad. You got every material object in the world, no attention, and a stepmom close in age with you. Go figure. To get attention, Ashlynn needed to do something worthy of attention: Getting in big trouble.

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  1. Can some skin-care sets actually cost that much? . . . Looking forward to the next chapter, Brookley.

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