I haven’t had human contact in 14 days

Day 6 today was the last day of distance learning for the week and things have been going pretty smoothly. It was a little confusing at first because i have to get used to a whole new way of learning. I started getting more used to this online school and things started to get harder because we were getting more work. Some days I have a lot of work and other days not so much. Today I had a medium amount of work so I was on for about 2 hours. After I finished my school work I went up to take a shower and get dressed for the day. It was raining outside so I couldn’t go out so I just played some Xbox with friends for a while. By the time I got off it was around 5 and my mom was getting dinner ready. I decided i had already played a lot of xbox and i should probably get off so i did. I went and played inside with my dog. We played with a few of her toys and tried to tire her out. She was pretty hyper because she couldn’t get outside so it took awhile but after a bit she calmed down and fell asleep. After I finished playing with her it was dinner time. My mom made steak and it was really good. After dinner I went upstairs and relaxed on my phone. I fell asleep on my phone at around 8:30 and woke up at like 10. I went downstairs to play some xbox because I was super bored so me and my friends played till like 1 in the morning because we didn’t have school the next day we just stayed up.


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