No student should feel overworked about homework

Every single day students are coming home with tiredness and disappointment on their face from school, and work. They just want to be done with the day,  relax and do there after school activities. According to Nearly 6 out of 10 kids have an after school activity such as sports, and that’s not to mention time with your family or friends. Unfortunately most kids are not able to come home,  relax or have time to do their homework along with sports and other after school activities. According to More than 70 percent of students say they were often or always stressed over schoolwork and 56 percent listed homework as a primary source of stress. Also  PsychologyToday says The average highschool student has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950’s, And according to a study done by Stanford University too much homework can result in a lack of sleep, headaches, exhaustion and weight loss.  Excessive homework can also result in poor eating habits with families that are now choosing fast food to save time. In other words homework isnt doing the good that teachers think it does, instead it is hurting these highschool students’ lives. I understand that most people think homework is helping these students with stuff like upcoming tests, but According to the average highschool teacher gives students 3.5 hours of homework each night, and most students have 5 classes which can mean that some students have as much as 17.5 hours of homework a week. If we want to help kids with upcoming tests, and grades in school then teachers need to assign less homework so kids can take care of themselves and get a good night sleep. According to some ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS have workweeks comparable to adults!! They also said kids are suffering from large amounts of disengagement, anxiety, and depression, because of homework. You’ll find that when teachers assign less homework the results are better for the kids then when the teachers assign more homework. But says  By assigning less homework, Teachers  find that students love learning, spend more time with friends and family, get more sleep, and enjoy themselves more with after school activities. If we want the best for all kinds of students then we will stop giving out so much homework and let kids be kids. They can only be kids for so long, and highschool is where you’re supposed to find out what you want to do later on in life, especially with college. Kids can’t do that when homework is depriving them of what little time they have left as kids.

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4 thoughts on “No student should feel overworked about homework

  1. I agree with your opinion and I wrote my editorial on this topic aswell. Your facts make sense and gives a real reason for people to consider giving less homework for the well being of students. This is a good piece of writing.

  2. I like how you started your editorial, it was overall very strong piece, and had very strong compelling evidence!

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