The Tale Of Hydroxychloroquine And Its Successes

The problem as I see it is that amidst thousands of deaths daily from the global pandemic, COVID-19, we are being given many mixed messages about effective treatments. The president is touting the drug Hydroxychloroquine as a cure but the media is highly criticizing him for it. CBS News reported on April 23, 2020, that the US is likely to see 50,000 COVID-19 deaths by this weekend. Given the dire situation, we are currently in,  we don’t have the luxury of waiting for a clinical trial on Hydroxychloroquine and we should be as aggressive as possible to save lives. 

The facts as we know it so far are, even though scientists are needing more clinical studies, people are dying every day. Although some doctors are giving Hydroxychloroquine mixed reviews, there have been many isolated cases of success. There was a case of a 96-year-old man, suffering from COVID-19, he was put on Hydroxychloroquine and  Azithromycin by his cardiologist, the next day he got up and was fine. Furthermore, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner from New York City, reported successfully healing 500 patients using Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc Sulfate. Dr. Zelenko reported that 100 percent of his patients survived the virus without hospitalization and no need for a ventilator. Dr. Zelenko stated “I’m seeing tremendous positive results” in a March 21 interview. As recently as April 21, Dr. Zelenko has treated 1,450 coronavirus patients using Hydroxychloroquine with a 99.99% success rate. 

Another New York-based doctor that is also having success with Hydroxychloroquine coupled with Doxycycline is Dr. Mohammud Alam, an infectious disease specialist affiliated with Plainview Hospital. He stated that 81% of infected COVID patients he treated at three Long Island nursing homes recovered from the contagion. In a recent New York Post article, he states, “In this crisis, I realized I had to do something,” Alam also said. ”I realized if this was my dad, what would I do? And I would do anything I could to help.”  Through recent testing, Hydroxychloroquine is shown to decrease the amount of circulating Coronavirus, uptake into the cell, and the kind of inflammation that leads to the type of inflammatory pneumonia that we are seeing with COVID-19.

 At this point, something needs to be done. Doctors should assess their patients and see if Hydroxychloroquine could work for them, because it may not be right for certain pre-existing conditions. If doctors feel their patient is a good candidate then they should prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and actively monitor their patient and their condition status. This drug may not be for everyone but it still could be a game-changer for many people that could otherwise die.

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2 thoughts on “The Tale Of Hydroxychloroquine And Its Successes

  1. I totally agree with you. If they already have a cure for COVID-19 why are they not using it.I think theres probably some side effect after they get cured and thats why there not giving it out that much. Otherwise I really liked your editorial.

  2. I agree that we need to do everything we can to saves lives, however, we must be careful. It may work for now, but what about the long term effects? Hydrox (I’ll call it that for short) works for malaria, but we aren’t sure about the effects it can have on other diseases. It may work for now, but what if we use it too widely and A) accidentally encourage the growth of a mutant strain resistant to hydrox, or B) end up with a lot of people having it recur, like chickenpox/shingles, but worse then before? I agree that this looks promising and that for now, it might be a good idea to use it, but I think we should only use it on those that we have no other choice for, because of all of the unknowns. This was a very well written piece and I was happy with all of the data that you gave to us. It would be nice to have had some of the links attached to be able to see the data, but otherwise, it was amazing.

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