Should Colleges Be Free

We have a bunch of great colleges around the U.S. that anybody can attend. Wrong. Well right, but don’t forget the 10,000 dollars for on average per year, for tuition and other fees. Yes, that’s right 10,000 dollars. But that’s not all. That is only at a public college, and private colleges can exceed 50,000 dollars. Many people around the globe are struggling to send their children to college. And we can do something abou this. With such brilliant minds out there, it would be a no brainer to have collges to be free. As I see it, all colleges should be free so kids can get the proper education that everbody deserves. Many lower class families end up not sending their kids to collges because the cost is just too much. It is sad to think about less fortunate kids that can’t go to college. And that is why college should be free. A New York Times arcticle surveyed college students and it stated, many kids say that it is just “too overwhelming,” and that hail the many drive torwad free tuition. A college in Mexico has just made the college free. As I see it, all collges should be free so that kids can get a good education. Also by doing this we are just helping ourselves, and with such great minds out there, kids that normally would not be able to go to college could go, and they would also learn new things. Which could cause breakthroughs in new technologies and in other things. Some kids that can’t go to college are bright kids, and they can’t have a good education, or they won’t be able to learn to the maximum, and get taught well. Many parents say that they learned a bunch of new things in college that some kids can’t learn.  There is just one question left, what are we waiting for?

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3 thoughts on “Should Colleges Be Free

  1. I was excited to read your editorial ever since I saw its title in Mr. Jockers’ video for tomorrow. I was very interested to see what side you would be on: whether to make going to college free or not. You argued your side well. Actually, I really liked how you portrayed your message. However, I have to bring one thing up. You forgot to answer a vital question: Where’s the money coming from? Nothing is free in this world. Money has to come from somewhere, right? In this case, the money will come from taxpayer’s pockets. Taxes will be significantly raised if all colleges have free tuition. Yes, again, you argued your side well. You used numbers/statistics, and quoted articles. You phrased your argument well. Overall, good job.

  2. I liked it. I liked how determined you were. I also liked the facts like $10,000 every year to attend collage. I would though add more about where you found all the statistics because it will make it more believable. Also I wish you used some more strong words. But I did like it, good job.

  3. I was excited for this… Honestly it sounded very interesting. Yes I do agree that college should be free because it will help everyone get better jobs. But you 1 have the choice of going to a college and 2 there are some free colleges. I think you could’ve used stronger words and you could’ve added more stats. This was well written and I did like it so you did a good job.

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