When I’m Older pt.1

One thing I want to do when I am older is go on a wild vacation with my friends. I would want to go somewhere tropical or nice and warm like Mexico or even Florida. It would be so much fun to rent jet skis with all my friends and just be with them to live our lives to the fullest. Going on a vacation would pull us all closer together. We would all build this bond that would take an army to break. Another thing I want to do when I am older is to own an insane collection of cars. My dream cars consist of american muscle to hypercars and supercars. My top 3 favorite cars are One, the Sateen Silver Corvette first generation with roman red interior, two, The fully exposed carbon fiber Pagani Huayra with primary color black and the secondary being maroon, 3, The Porsche 918 finished in matte obsidian. 

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