Not All shooter Games Cause Violence

My parents didn’t want me to get “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” because it involved guns and shooting people. They had always believed that those games had an influence on teenagers and violence. But what if they were wrong. Yea we all know that there are some violent video games that spread a very bad message such as the “Grand Theft Auto” series, But games such as “Call of Duty” and “Halo” may not spread the message you may think. I have played Halo Since I was about 9 and the only reason why my parents let me is because there was an alien apocalypse. The main goal of the game was to kill the bad and dangerous aliens and keep the human race and the nice aliens safe. “Call of Duty” uses real life past or present problems. In the Modern Warfare series the game uses terrorists as the bad guys. The game uses realistic hostage rescue missions and other challenges for gamers to complete. According to, “The US Secret Service conducted a review in 2004 aimed at identifying causes of school shootings, and it found just 12 percent of studied attackers — that’s 5 out of 41 — expressed an interest in violent video games.” to explain, if Violent Video Games were to not exist, then it would have little to no effect on School/Mass shootings. “The team found that violent video games may increase aggressive behavior, but “these effects are almost always quite small.”” says Arman Azad From CNN news. This says that the chance to be violent is little to none. Altho there is a small chance that it can influence aggression or violence, if videogames were not to exist, then we would still have the same problem with mass shootings.

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