Free Write: Kindness

This world we live in is filled with many wonderful things. However, there are many things in this world that are unfair. The world will never be equal, exactly the same for everyone, and it will never be perfectly fair. However, I believe that it is our personal responsibility, as humans that have been given the gift of being on this Earth, to try and create positive change in the world. One way, I feel, that we can do this is the simple gift of non-judgmental kindness. I think that people naturally judge others when they interact. It may not be a negative judgement, but we observe and comprehend our observations to mean certain things, based on our own perspective. In turn, I feel that we often reserve kindnesses for only those we feel deserve it, or are like us, ignoring the people who truly need kindness. Or, we give out fake, petty kindnesses to further our own agenda. We often severely underestimate the power of real, genuine kindness to all.  To give kindness is often a simple thing. For example, holding the door for someone, helping out someone in class, giving someone a hand after they have fallen, simply listening or talking to someone. But, acts of kindness can change a person’s entire day. A bad day can be turned around completely by someone’s simple gesture to hold the door open, for example. We often see kindness as a cheesy sort-of-thing, but a genuine act of kindness can go so far. Overall, I think that if we gave out kindness less sparingly to all, then this world could be a better place.

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4 thoughts on “Free Write: Kindness

  1. A wonderful message, Helena, and one that I support wholeheartedly; we do underestimate how little we have to do in order to affect those around us positively. But, as you said, it has to be genuine; and that, often, is the hard part. I think to be genuine requires many things, and one of those things is being present; and it can be difficult these days to be fully present when there are so many distractions. . . . Thank you for sharing. I assume you wrote this after I drew “pizzas” and stick figures on the board 🙂

  2. Lena, this message was so powerful and well written. I loved how you portrayed your message and opinion. It truly did shine threw in the best way. YOu wrote with such purpose that made this piece really enjoyable to read. I agree that kindness should be only from your heart. Well done Lena! You portrayed a clear and very important message! You are an amazing writer!

  3. This is such a moving piece, Helena! I really loved all the details which made everything you said so real and so motivating.

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