Another Repeat – Anneliese S.

Another repeat. Wake up and get ready for the day. Nowhere to go, though. My house, once my home, is now my prison. Now there’s Zoom where we can sit and listen. Confined is normal, isolation is the trend. There is nothing to do except type and hit send. We are all alone, heads in our phones but how can you blame us? You can’t.

Another repeat. Get up, go down. Is this it or is clicking submit the highlight. Days pass and each seems the same. No more middle school problems, only the internet failing. Autumn passed and no one noticed. The screen is my life, I just have to focus. What used to be classes are now bedrooms. The first thing to do is get onto Zoom. The days are repeating and the students are cheating, is this it? Days pass, each the same. Once foreign to me is now my normal. 

Another repeat. Daydream for hours, a fantasy in our heads. Imagine you left, went far, far away. Where you could leave all worries and fears, where all your tears would melt away. Here is where the trouble is. All the tests and mistakes we can’t escape. Come back to reality because that is where the sickness is, the hate, the disunity. Come back because that is where you are.

Another repeat. Now we are never going downstairs. Trying desperately to prepare for something we don’t know is coming. We learned to be content within confined. Constantly struggling to not fall behind. When the year passes by, even though it feels like a month. When the computer fights for our attention while we are looking at our phone. When we are all alone. 

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9 thoughts on “Another Repeat – Anneliese S.

  1. Anneliese,
    I really like this write, I found it reflective and very true in this day and age. Your word choice is amazing and makes this piece even more poetic.

  2. Hi Anneliese-
    I really enjoyed reading your free write. I thought that you did a great job keeping the audience engaged and using writing tip #1. I was really interested and wanted to keep reading. I also really liked how you formatted your free write into four different paragraphs. Each experience you described built on the one before and made it very interesting and relatable. Great job!

  3. Hi Anneliese,

    I loved your free write! I love how you really emphasized the emotions felt during this pandemic. One thing that makes your writing so great is that many students including myself can relate to what you have written. I also love how you emphasize that life in online learning feels like we are repeating the same day over and over again. One thing I recommend doing for the future is to drag the topic away from computers, and describe a bit more about something else instead, to give it more of a balanced feel. Other than that, I thought your writing was amazing!

    -Lindsay Pasierb

  4. I think your words really resonated with the emotions that many felt during the quarantine. I can relate to a lot of what you’ve written, especially the topic about getting attached to the internet since the quarantine started. I like the title that you used, and how you provided it as a sort of transition to the paragraphs in your poem.

  5. Hi Anneliese!
    Your free-write was wonderful! I really liked the way you expressed your feelings through your writing. I liked the way you portrayed your loneliness and how you wrote about the struggles of facing this new and unique challenge. Something you could have done differently is that you could write about the past! You could compare your life now to how it was then! Again, you did an amazing job!

    Fariha K.

  6. Hi Anneliese,

    This was AMAZING!!!!! I loved every part of this and I can see the effort you put into this. This was so great and relatable. This is so awesome and I hardly have words for it. I love the way you rhyme parts, I think that is such a great addition.


  7. Hi Anneliese,
    I think you did a really good job on this! I really liked the emotion that was portrayed through your word choices. This poem is very thoughtful and realistic in the time we are in right now. This was a very good write!

  8. Anneliese,

    This is awesome piece of writing. I enjoy how you so perfectly represent the feeling of isolation and being alone. Also the rhyme parts are pretty creative to add in

  9. Hi Anneliese,

    I loved your free write! It felt so real and you put so many emotions that people didn’t know how to describe, into it! Good job!

    -Rihanna Romeus

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