Free Write: Jenna S.

Barack Obama strolled down the long halls of the Louvre Museum, captivated by the beauty of all of the stunning paintings and art. He gazed above him at the scenes painted on the ceiling. He felt so at home, in this beautiful museum, surrounded by these historical paintings. But something was missing. Barack turned to his tour guide and asked, “What else is there to see?” The tour guide looked around for a second then replied, “We need to finish the first floor hallway,” he replied. Barack Obama nodded and followed until they reached the hallway. Obama kept walking, listening to the footsteps and light chatter from the other guests. He was so distracted, he barely noticed when the tour guide coughed and said, “Mr. Obama?” Barack snapped his head around. “Oh, sorry,” he responded. “Follow me, you are about to see the Mona Lisa.” Barack had heard great things about the Mona Lisa. Painted in 1503, by Leonardo Da Vinci. He’d only seen pictures – this has been his first time visiting the Louvre Museum. Not sure what to expect, he willingly followed his tour guide into the room. His eyes darted around until they landed on the painting. Suddenly he felt the world stop. “So, the Mona Lisa was a……” The tour guide’s voice was zoned out. The past couple hours, Barack had seen some gorgeous pieces, but none were as breathtaking as the Mona Lisa. He slowly reached out to touch the magnificent piece of art when he heard a scream cut short-

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