Free Write – Sophia B.

A rainy day usually stops our soccer games.  And today was a very rainy day. It started raining in the morning and wasn’t supposed to stop all day. This was our last game and was one of the most important games of the season. I woke up to the gloomy sky thinking that I would get my day off. I hoped out of bed and walked down stairs for breakfast. “Hey mom have they cancelled our game yet?” I said, I was sure they did. “Not yet, but they did say that your game was still on.” She claimed. What! It was so cold and wet and the fields must be muddy. “Wait what, it’s pouring outside.” I remark. She shrugged her shoulders. I put on a long sleeve shirt under my jersey and made sure to bring an umbrella.

We arrived at the field and they had set up a tent for us to sit under. All of my other teammates were still in there cars. I grabbed my water bottle and bag and opened the door. Immediately the rain went into the car. “Are you coming mom” I asked. She smiled then looked up at me “Um I think i’ll stay in the car, besides I have a good view from here.  I nodded and closed the door. I looked around for my friends cars. I couldn’t see them so I just walked down to where my coach was. “Hey shouldn’t we be warming up?”I asked. He quickly followed that with “No today were just gonna stretch under the tent we don’t want anyone to get hurt before the game even starts.” I nodded. My friends all started to come to the field. But all the parents stayed in there cars.

We played the first half our good but not our best. It was hard to play in the rain, and I could barely see. We were loosing by one point. The score was two to one, my friend Lauren scored the first goal. Our coach had just given us a pep talk and we were all tired. This half I got to start. We waited until the ref told us that we could go back on the field. Even though we were tired we still wanted to win the last game. We got back onto the field. We had the ball to start. Everything was going good, and our offense was hyped. We had a couple shots on goal yet none of them made it in. I got a sub and was out of the game for a break. The other team got a shot on goal. They missed our goalie had a great save. She punted it back into play. We had control of the ball. Then my friend had a great open goal out of the goalie box. She made it in! Me and my friends were cheering. We had a chance to win. I was put back into the game. I was determined that we could win.

The other team started with the ball this time. They kicked it to a girl right by me. Thankfully she made a horrible pass and I got control of the ball.  I had got it down the field except now I didn’t have an option my teammates were far behind and two defenders were on me. My friend called my name from behind me. I didn’t see her but I just kicked it hoping it would make it to her. Pow! She made a great shot and scored. My teammates and I cheered as the other team had there heads down. At the end of the game we told the other team they did a great job. People were congratulating me for my assist. And we got to go home champions.


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