Why the Cardinals will beat the Seahawks

The line of the Seahawks Cardinals is Seahawks -3. This shows that the Seahawks are favored to win. However, I think the Cardinals will win. In this free write I will look at why the Cardinals will win the game. 


Why the Cardinals will win: The Cardinals beat the Seahawks at home in a very close game. The Cardinals are on the top of their division now at 6-3. They are also coming off a spectacular catch by DeAndre Hopkins to beat the Bills. While the Cardinals are coming off momentum, the Seahawks are starting to lose momentum. The Seahawks have lost their last two game and by 7 or more in each game. They lost by 10 to the Bills, and that is a team the Cardinals beat. The Seahawks were undefeated when the Cardinals played them and the Cardinals won. Now, when the Cardinals are on a hot streak, and the Seahawks are on a losing streak, why would the results be any different?

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