Free Write-Ben S.

I woke up to my dad ripping the sheets off my bed. “Wake up Ben,” he said. “You don’t wanna be late for school.” I looked at my alarm clock and it read 6:45. I was annoyed at my dad for waking me up so early. I usually don’t start getting ready until 7:30. So I took a quick shower and changed into my school uniform. After I got dressed my sister and I ate some cereal. We were both asking why we had to get up so early but got ignored. When my sister and I finished eating breakfast we got our backpacks and headed for the car. Usually, our dad drives us to school and then goes to work but today both of our parents got in the car. My sister asked why they were both driving us to school and my mom responded that her car broke down and she needed my dad to drive her to work. So I believed her and started gazing out of the window. It is usually a 10-minute drive to school but today it was taking longer than normal. My sister noticed this and asked my dad why it was taking so long to go to school. I wondered too. It never takes this long to get to school. My mom responded with, “It’s just traffic, we’ll get there soon.” My dad pulls into a gas station because the car is low. My sister and I are getting nervous because we’re about to be late for school. When the car is full and my dad gets back into the car he looks at my mom. Then they both surprise us by saying, “You’re not going to school today because we are going to Disneyland!” My sister and I screamed in excitement and saw that there was all of our luggage in the backseat. We were halfway to the JFK airport. My parents have never done anything like this before so my sister and I were in complete shock. We finally calmed down and realized we were going to Disneyland.

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  1. I liked how you left out information at the end of the writing to allow the reader to imagine what you did at Disneyland, and connect it with past experiences.

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