College Should Be Less Expensive

Many students struggle daily wondering if they have enough money to pay for things they need and for college. This leaves many students broke and some homeless. Paying for college is a struggle across the world for students that is why many jobs and places offer help with paying for college for many students. Students should definitely take up these offers to help them.

(Chart on the amount of money that college has raisin since 1980-2015)

This chart shows college tuition growth since 1980

Many students attending college have been struggling to pay off tuition. Some have even gone homeless as a result of this debt. This just proves that college expenses are way too high and need to be lowered to help students. states that 17% of community college students have experienced homelessness in the past year. Studentloanhero states  in the year 2019 around 70% of college students took out student loans and graduated with debt the average debt was around $29,900! Also, in 2021 Americans are more burdened by student loan debt than ever. 5% of homeless men and 4% of homeless women have college degrees. Even if you are a college graduate you can still be facing problems. Did you know approximately 42.9 million Americans with federal student loan debt each owe an average of about $36406 for just student loans? 

(Chart below shows that amount of debt from college by students from 2003-2013)

The Student Loan Debt Crisis in 9 Charts – Mother Jones

 More companies should advertise they help students pay for college like the following companies identified by including Bank of America, Starbucks, UPS, etc. also says part time employees of UPS can receive up to $5250 per year in tuition assistance and a lifetime max of $25000. This shows that many companies will help and are trying to help many students that need help. states that Chick-Fil-A offers all 120,000 team members access to tuition discounts up to 30% and other educational benefits at 100 colleges and universities across the country. Students should really use opportunities like this to help them pay for college to help them struggle less. 

The website states that former President Obama has claimed that he “Recently introduced a plan to deliver free Community College tuition to all Americans across the country.” This shows that many people are trying to help pay for college and people are helping a lot of students and helping save money. Another fact on how former president Obama has helped pay for college is that he Former President Obama offered making community colleges free to nearly everyone and 70% of college students graduate with debt. I believe if students really try they will be able to help themselves get into college with struggling less. This is why I believe that college should be less expensive. 

(Chart on homeless student enrollment in Wisconsin has almost tripled in 2019 since 2004)

Education for Homeless Children and Youth (EHCY) Data | Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


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