End Over Exaggeration on Violence From Video Games

Do violent video games make people violent, if you said yes let me change your mind. video games do cause violence but not as much as the people exaggerate on it. This subject has been exaggerated way to much and needs to be changed. Violent video games can make you violent but not nearly enough to cause such bad things as shootings or robberies.

First piece of evidence is that The El Paso gunman killed 22 people and injured 24 others at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. When the politicians found out that the gunman played video games, they automatically said that the violence was from the video games. This statement was very wrong because the gunman attacked for a “response to the haspanic invasion”. This made me realize that even the politicians and news reporters are over exaggerating on the violence that violent video games cause. Knowing that the politicians will speak out about this matter makes it seem like more of the society is on the politicians side.

Another piece of evidence is that some psychological studies have suggested that playing violent video games increases aggression, but critics say they have failed to find any other possible factors to encourage them to do such harm as they say it does, including differences in the mechanics of violent and nonviolent games. This means that the only standing factor for the attacks for “video game violence” is a little more aggression then nonviolent video games. This clearly states that video games can cause aggression but nothing else for them to be encouraged to commit a violent crime.

Something else to think about is the chance that you find a criminal that has played video games before there’s a 66% chance. If there is a 66% chance anyone plays video games then it makes sense that a lot of people that have committed crimes have played video games.  This needs to be fixed the problem is that it’s over exaggerated on how much a game will make you be violent. In some cases video games pull out the anger while playing games making it so you have less anger when you go talk to someone. This goes to the point were games release the anger, but also produces anger in a way that makes you angry. As I said before, the research on violent and nonviolent video games it does not have any other proof besides slight anger to cause violence. We need to get out a article that states that video games don’t cause violence.

Children's health widely affected by TV, computers, video games

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