The Hug

We were frosting sugar cookies when she came to get her child.

Creak. The door opened, and in walked my brother’s friend’s mom. My brother’s friend carried my kitten, Fudge, over to show her.

I noticed he had a weird smirk on his face but I didn’t think it mattered. While my dad talked to his mom I ran out to greet my friend who had just pulled up.  My mom talked to her mom for a little bit while my sister motioned for my friend to come inside. I imagined that my sister wanted to show her something. As they were walking in I followed them to retrieve a pen that my mom requested I get.

My friend ran upstairs with my sister as I listened to my dad’s conversation as I walked by. Listening I stopped in my tracks as I heard something being said about me. I wanted to know what was going on but at the same time I didn’t. My dad was saying, “Fudge is Max’s older sister’s kitten and I don’t know if she would want to give him away.”I ran up to my dad and asked him what he was talking about.

I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It didn’t translate through my brain fast enough till I realized that I was going to lose something close to my heart. He was about to respond when my mom walked in. My brother’s friend ran up to her and asked if he could have Fudge. My mom said that he could have him  with a little hesitation. About a two months ago when the kittens were born my mom said that we would have to give one away. That was when we had three.  Now we only have two because one passed away. I was very upset when that happened but I think I am almost that upset now. I ran upstairs to tell my sister and friend what was going on. As I was running up the steps I was thinking, “Why would that kid think that he could have MY kitten?” My sister ran downstairs and my friend gave me a hug telling my that everything was going to be okay. It made me feel a lot better.

After, I went back downstairs to see what was happening. As I walked out of the room I listened to what my mom was saying and stopped at the top of the stairs. I heard my mom tell my brother’s friend that he couldn’t keep Fudge because I was so upset. When I walked down the stairs and my mom saw me she said, “OK, Vivian you can keep Fudge.” I breathed relieved that I was going to be able to keep him after all.

Now Fudge is almost 4 months old. He is still safe with me. I will never let him tried to be taken away from me again. If someone tries I will not give up to get him back.

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