Just Because You Saw It

It’s 2:00 in the afternoon of my 5th grade year. I sat at a table closest to the classroom door. My peers were talking among themselves as my math teacher Mr. Clark was talking to one of my classmates. Only a few people heard a knocking at the door. I was one of them, so I went to answer it. When I opened the door, a woman from the main office was there. Oddly, the message was for me. She told me that one of my friends, Georgia, was going home with me.

I replied with,” Okay, thanks,” and she walked back to the main office through the 5th grade wing.

I closed the door behind me as I went back to my seat. The day was almost over, but I had to get this message to her. Back then, any message to me was very important. Just when I was about to get out of my seat to her table, that was at the other side of the room, Mr. Clark said for everyone to quiet down. I quickly rushed back to my seat. As I sat there, I thought of ways to tell her.

I tried whispering saying,”Pssst! Psst! Georgia!”

She still couldn’t hear me over Mr. Clarks speech on a lesson we were learning in math. I tried mouthing the words, but she couldn’t understand. I must admit, I am terrible at mouthing words. Then I thought of it. I’ve seen it in so many movies, and all the times the main character did it, it was successful. I got out a piece of white lined paper and wrote my message. I folded it into what I thought was a pretty good paper airplane. I threw it once, but it came back to me. I also have to admit, I’m not good at making paper airplanes either. This time I thought I had to focus. Georgia was in the seat next to Mr. Clark so I had to be careful. I counted to three and tossed the plane. It was all good until it hit Mr. Clark on the side of the head.

He responded by saying,”What in the world!” With a southern accent for he was from South Carolina.

I covered my hands over my mouth because I was in shock. He picked up the note that ricocheted off his head and landed on the ground.

He read it to the class,”Georgia you are coming home with me.” The whole class laughed like hyenas, but I was humiliated and my face turned a bright tomato red. Mr. Clark just chuckled in his chair, but I was already crying, from all the embarrassment.

Mr. Clark tried reassuring me by saying,”it’s okay, it’s just funny,” and,”you’re not in trouble.”

But it was too late. I was already embarrassed and crying. Class ended shortly after and we all went back to our cubbies in homeroom, but I trudged back. From that experience, I learned never to make and throw a paper airplane ever again. Whether you are good or bad at making them, it’s a bad idea, and look what happened to me. If you do have a message to tell a friend or a person, have patience. If I had had patience, it would have spared me of that embarrassing moment.

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5 thoughts on “Just Because You Saw It

  1. I liked how you used all of the descriptive details when you were describing how you felt. I also liked how you said that you knew it would work because you saw people do it in movies.

  2. I really liked all of your amazing detail. I also liked how you said you were sure it would work because you saw it in a movie. I always think that. I enjoyed when you said you covered your hands over your mouth because it showed me how shocked you were. Good job!

  3. I liked all the descriptive details and how you used lots of quotes. I also liked how you described your face’s color when u were embarrassed and how u described how the classmates laughed. Finally, I liked all the good verbs u used such as ricocheted and trudged

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