Far From Home

B O O M ~ I jolted awake. The pitter patter of the rain rattled in my ears. I sat up and pressed my nose against the window. The highway was empty and littered with puddles and trash. I sat back and looked through the sunroof to see a dark sky concealed by storm clouds ominously growing larger. I sat up and gazed at the windshield which had runs down the middle and side.

In the passenger seat lay my sister, half asleep. My eyes veered to the left and the clock read 1:04 Am. I looked even more to the left and saw my father. There were dark circles under his eyes and a half drank coffee in his cup holder. There i lay on my back gazing out the sunroof wondering what i might miss tomorrow. There was a break in the clouds and the stars drew scopus. I sighed. All i could think about was my warm, cozy bed back home. I tried to close my eyes, but was held back by the storm above us.

As we drove closer to our destination, the heavy rain vailed into thin, white snowflakes. I stretched out my feet and curled up against the car door. The highway was still empty, so i asked my dad to go faster. He said no. My father was always following the rules. I sighed and sat back. My vision faded and i started to dream. I saw my family, without us tomorrow morning. The more i watch the dream, the more i thought it was a nightmare.

Not to long after, the car hit a bump and i popped up. I peeked out the window and saw the highway in a thin white blanket. I shivered as we took the turnoff to our home. Some time passed and we pulled into the driveway. I creeped into the house and collapsed on my bed. I began to feel happy, but it was then concealed by sleepiness, then desperation, and then i drifted asleep. This will be one christmas i won’t wake up early on.

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