Choosing Candy

It was a warm day at my house and I was going to pick out my dog. My dad called me to get in the car for the two hour drive. I grabbed my DS Nintendo and jumped in the car. Mom and dad opened the door and slid in to the car. We drove next door to Auntie Donna’s house. My Aunt came out the front door and hopped in the back seat with me. Then, we went on the country road. The light of the sun hit the window of the car. I flipped my wind breaker over my head. I played my DS Nintendo two hours straight.


We then arrived to the dog owner’s house. My mom knocked on the door and the owner came out. He led us downstairs where we sat down on the brown couches. The female Doberman Pincher came over to me and sniffed me like crazy. I got a pillow and whacked the dog on the head gently so it would stop smelling me. The owner yelled at the dogs and putted them outside. They let the puppies out and one came right over to me. The little puppy looked up at me and I just knew that we were going to be best friends. I picked her up and put her on the corner of the brown couch. I lifted her paw and shook it up and down slowly. After 30 minutes they took the puppies in the room. I walked into the room and the puppies were in a square box was 7 inch tall and 80inch long. All along the bottom were newspapers. The pups were then all in the box. The owner came with the mother dog and put her in the box. The pups all then drank there milk from their mother. We left and all I was thinking of candy and I playing.


On the way home we were thinking for a name. After a wily we thought of candy. We all liked that name. When we drove Auntie Donna’s house and dropped her off. We got out of the car and I went inside and couldn’t wait until candy was old enough to be with us. I realized that I felt like that was the best dog. I felt like Candy chose me like it was loving me right away. It was the best feeling I ever had.

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