Lost in New York City

Christian Pennino





    Early morning on a Sunday at 7:00, me and my dad had planned to go to New York City and meet my cousins at Grand central. Before we went to the train station, we went to helen keller and went to the pancake breakfast, and the theme was superheroes. Me and my dad got pancakes, I got milk with mine and my dad got an espresso. After we ate, we left the school, and jumped in the car. The train station was about 15 minutes away and was located in Fairfield. We walked up the stairs and looked at the schedule to see how much time is left before we have to leave. According to the schedule it should be here in 10 minutes. When we got on the train, we got some seats by the door.  We sat in the train for about 45 minutes till we got to Grand central. When we got to Grand central, we called my cousins to see where they were. When we found them we got our cards to go through the doors to go onto the trains.

First, we went to little Italy and my cousins shopped on our way through it. After little Italy we went to the mall where me and my cousin Tyler played on our phones while my girl cousins and my aunt shopped for about 45 minutes. Once we left the mall, we walked around a little more  and went to some of the other stores on the street/sidewalk to check them out and see what they had.

Then after little italy, we went on to the trains, and arrived at time square. We walked around time square for 2 to 2 in a half hours. While we walked around we saw cartoon and disney characters like spongebob, winnie the pooh, cookie monster, elmo, and spiderman. when I saw cookie monster and elmo, they had a sack and asked for some money. I gave them $3 and they asked for more and I said no, and then they started bugging me for more money for about 3 minutes and then I left. After the cartoon and disney characters, we saw a naked cowboy(a real man as a attraction and only wearing an underwear) and was holding a ukulele playing a song about a naked cowboy. But about 5 minutes later we found another naked cowboy, but he also had a girl with him in a sparkling black and white dress(mostly black) and the naked cowboy would play a song and the girl would dance and shake herself a lot.

It was about 4:00 and everyone was getting really hungry so we decided to get dinner at a restaurant called,”Anthony’s”. When we arrived at the restaurant we all ordered a drink and about 15 minutes later we all decided what to get to eat. After we ate dinner we went to a place next door that sells the best cannolis in the world. I wasn’t in the mood for a cannoli for some reason, so then I just got a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. The hot chocolate when I sipped it was so hot that I burned my tongue. But I blew on it and sipped it again and it wasn’t as hot and tasted so amazing. After we ate at the cannoli place my dad found an actor from one of his favorite movies,”Casino” and we decided to stay there to talk to him for a little while. About a half hour later, my dad asked me if I wanted to go ahead with my cousins or stay and talk to the actor with him. I replied I would go ahead with my cousins.Once we left my dad we started walking down the walkways for about a half hour, but then my dad called me an asked me where I was and where we would meet. Once I hung up, I waited a half hour, then I called him back, and he didn’t answer. So I called him one more time, and he didn’t answer. Then I got a little worried, so I texted him 3 texts saying where are you, what are you doing, and 10 minutes after I texted him those texts I said hello so this way he could maybe hear his ringer. I still didn’t get a response and my phone was getting on low battery. So then I got super worried because I didn’t know where he was, what he was doing or what happened so then I texted him 4 more times and called him 3 more times, and still no answer.

Me and my cousins went to the big christmas tree that I really wanted to take a picture of it but I had to save my battery in case my dad calls or texts me back and tells me where he is. My cousins and me went back to Grand central and right when I was about to give up and thinking I would not ever see my father again, I got a call with only 6% battery left, my father called and I was so relieved and filled with joy, I picked up the phone right away, and rushing to talk to him and saying where are you, what are you doing, what happened. He responded back,”I’m at Grand central I went on the train and it broke down and I had no phone service, where are you?” I replied to him that I was also at Grand central, and I was spinning around looking for him, and I saw him with his back turned, on the phone, and dashing at him, and while I’m running at him I’m talking in joy I see him. When I reach him I give him a giant hug being so relieved. We got on the train after saying goodbye to my cousins and went back to the car at 10:00 and headed back home.

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