Sinking Island

The ship was moving smoothly on the ocean. Dave and Joseph were on the back of the ship standing next to each other. Dave’s blonde hair blew in the breeze as he stood there in his red shirt, blue jeans, and black Sketchers. Joseph was wearing the same thing but he had brown hair. They were talking about the Bears and Giants game the night after they get home from there vaccine. All of a sudden, the ship made a sharp turn across the ocean to avoid an iceberg which caused Dave to fall over the railing! But he got a quick grip on the railing as Joseph tried to help Dave to get back on the ship until he slipped. Joseph grabbed on to Dave but the weight was too much for Dave and his hands slipped of the railing. They both fell into the cold dark water below! They fell yelling but no one heard the fall. They fell in to the water hard and fated.

Dave woke up and couldn’t believe were they were. Joseph woke up and was prized as well too. The island was small and the trees were in the middle of the island and the sand was near the water the waves came up gently on the island. “Joseph I see a hen”! “So”? “Were stuck here and we need food and the hen lays eggs so we cannot starve”.” That makes sense now”.” Get it”! They chased the hen in to the ocean and grabbed it and now “Joseph I need you to get some wood so we can make shelter”. “I will get the fire started”. So Dave got wood and put them across echoer. He put two sticks and rubbed them to gather for a long time. His hands were tired but kept going until he got a spark. He kept going until he got the fire going. He reached in the hole to where the hen is and got two eggs.

Joseph was in the woods finding some wood. He then found big round branches of wood on the ground H picked up the branches and some big leaves for the roof. He walked back to where Dave is. “What is taking so long for Joseph”? “His food is getting cold”.” I’m here”!” Good you got the wood”.” Now you can, Wow how did you get that fire to light”!” Gust go and eat Joseph I’ll put the shelter to gather”. Dave then put the sticks in the ground in a square with leaves on the top. It was gig enough to fit two adults in that house. “So Joseph what do you think”?” Its sum Dave but where are we going to the hen”? “We keep the hen in the, Hey look Dave I see a roll of duck tap”. “That’s imposable”. The duck tap the fell in the sand. Joseph picked up the duck tap and put up 4 sticks in the ground and used the duck tap around the sticks and made a tall square. Joseph then put the hen in and got dead grass and placed the hen in the square.  “Really how can this happen”. “How can duct tape falls from the sky”? “Dave lets go in our house we need to sleep”. “I’ll make the door shore you will have duct tape with you”.

The next day Joseph and They both walked around the island. Joseph was finding some wood to make a fire for food.  Joseph then found bananas in a tree. He claimed to the top of the tree and got as many as he could. He then walked back but a monkey started to chase him. Joseph then ran as fast as he could all the way back. Dave was getting fresh water until he saw Joseph run to him getting chased from a monkey. Joseph came over and they started to frow bananas at the monkey. The monkey then ran away with 3 bananas. They then ate some bananas and it was already time time to go to bed. They got in the house and went to sleep.  While they went to bed the water raised slowly around the island in the night. In the morning the water was over the beach. Dave then woke up and was shocked that there’s water in the house. “What”? “Oh goodness there’s water in the house”. The water cane up fast and “Joseph let’s get out”.  “You’re telling me man”!  The water’s rising, “look there’s the door its half way under water”!  “Henie are you ok”? “Let’s get in the forest quickly”.  Why’ll they ran the water came hire covering the land? “Hurry where running out of time”.  So they ran to the center of the Island.  Dave lets use these big logs we can put them together. I will rap duct tape around them.  So they worked on the raft and finished. Hurry, we got to feed hen and use lets go.  The water lifted the raft and they went home. They went to north and got back to Eaten safely. Dave, and Joseph were happy and got in to Dave’s house safely. That was some hard rowing right? Yes that was let’s watch some tve. All right! They then got to enjoy the rest of the day after a shower. They then watched star wars and had a good time.




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